Waiting game

Well here we go again with the phone tag and running around. Yesterday I rang Guide Dogs and the doctors, and also the NDIA office. I’m getting nowhere with the NDIS. I also hate the neighbours which doesn’t help. Ok, so I’m still waiting for the NDIA people to ring me back so I can ask them about setting up my support coordinator person properly. And I hope to God I have my Guide Dogs documents by Monday because I’m going to the doctors on Wednesday morning. And I have to get a new care plan just to see a podiatrist??? Just to get help to cut my toenails properly!!!!!??? Oh well… But to add insult to injury, one of the fucking neighbours keeps manipulating me.

I can’t sit out on my back balcony any more. The stupid lady (admittedly she has intellectual disabilities and she’s partially deaf and totally blind), keeps making excuses to join me for company. We have exactly the same conversations, over and over and over again. And in one breath she pressured me into cooking a meal, wanting to know when it was ready. Then she didn’t want any of it, so only served myself. Only to realise I’d cooked it wrong (the crumbed stuffed chicken needed a little more cooking and it would have been fine), and the white sauce was a disaster of flour and milk because I’d stuffed it. And the neighbour laughed at me and insists that I should keep practising making this chicken meal until I get it right. Not on your mother’s grave, bitch! And she wants me to buy her Coke 0, and she wants pizza too. I may have to tell her parents on her. I’ll complain to the landlord too. Or I can be like everyone else and ignore her entirely and just not go outside. I’m a nasty soul, but people around here will take a mile if you give them an inch. I think I’ll just do a bolt and stay vanished because I really can’t stand the people who live in this complex. I just don’t care about anyone around here. The only reason neighbours can get anything from me is because They can. Everyone has family and support people. I’m not anyone’s support worker. I hate uninvited company anyway. I know I fuck up when I cook, but my greedy neighbours are at fault for intentionally causing me to make mistakes for their own entertainment. I think I’ll just stay in hiding from everyone. It’s better to keep to myself. As for the good news: Next Thursday morning a GDMI will be coming out to me to do an assessment! There’s a chance I may fail the elligibility criteria. If I do, I’ll put off getting a guide dog. If I pass the assessment, I’m going to celebrate! Thanks to Woolworths I’ll be able to budget for the dog! And now I’m told the appointment date is the 29th of January. No assessment at this stage. By then I may end up changing my mind. I know I want a guide dog, but the longer I put off the assessment because of O and M, the less I want to accept a new guide dog. I think dogs are a big responsibility.


One Response to “Waiting game”

  1. Carol Anne Says:

    Good luck! Guide dogs are definitely a huge responsibility! They are really so worth it though. Such good companions. xox


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