A good day to celebrate

I’m drinking alcohol today. Brandy and Coke of all things! I’m suffering from a bad cold so I figure alcohol will help me a lot as far as I’m concerned. I’m also celebrating my success at getting more control of my NDIS schedule with an extra support person. I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be starting at Sky Zone in a couple of weeks. Eventually I’ll shoot myself if I don’t get my way with my doctors, but I need to give the doctors at least twelve months to decide how helpful they will or won’t be, before I give up on life and rot away at home. For now I’ll live the high life and drink up whenever I can.

Next Monday I’m going to the RSL for dinner, and on Thursday night I’m going out late night shopping. The week after that, I’m ringing the doctors to get a referal to a podiatrist. Apparently this podiatrist is really popular, especially with the VI/disabled community! Cool! Another bullshit thing ticked off my to-do list. If my GP doesn’t respect my wishes, I’ll get a new doctor. Hopefully I shouldn’t be cracking the shits by then because I hate changing doctors except if I really have to. I also hate people manipulating me so I’m nipping some attitudes in the bud before I really get cracking the sads. I’ll make sure some people regret knowing me if any difficulties arise. I won’t be told how to live my life, not under any fucking circumstances!!!!!! So we’ll see how this year goeso for me. If anyone thinks I’m full of shit, imagine what the same people will think after I lawyer up! Good! There’s no skin off my nose if I get disliked. I don’t like everyone either. If my opinions offend other people, too bad! I’ll think and feel however I like and I’ll say what I like too. Suck eggs. I find people are easily offended these days. I hate socialising with other people because I find that most people aren’t very nice or friendly, too sensitive, stuck-up, know-all bitches etc. Oh well, ping off then! I’m happy to sit around at home in front of the tele with a drink in my hand. I have a good unit and provided my pharmacy staff who look after me well, don’t hound me to present as a sick patient at the hospital, I can swallow period pain medications with coffee all day and turn my music up really really loud. I don’t need friends really. Most people are just shallow and fake and don’t really care about anybody. Out of everyone I’ve ever met here, there’s only five or six people who really genuinely think of me. So yeah, frig everyone else. Good old brandy is all I’ll say. I’ll make sure I get a couple of bottles of alcohol when I get my pension in a couple of weeks. I’m putting all my health advice in the bin too. Good health fixes nothing. I’d rather die happy than live for a miserable long time. As the saying goes: I’m here for a fun time, not a long time. Quality over quantity. Good luca to the folks who try to live into their hundreds, not for me thanks. Nope, I’ll be happy to keel over any old time, you all go right ahead and live for a long time. I’m just interested in a good time and I don’t live a restricted lifestyle either. If people want to get offended at me for being the way I am, then goodbye, there’s lots of other people who can be more compatible with the people I know. I’m not here to live for other people, anyway. I’m a me-pleaser. Me me me. I can’t wait to get my teeth sorted a bit more though, God they need a good scrub! The guts need a scan too, whatever makes me feel a bit gassy/windy is bugging me on and off. Like far out! Hopefully it’s just flatchalence, but if it’s more serious I want good riddance to it. I don’t keep serious problems unless the issues are totally incurable, such as blindness, Diabetes and the like. Even then, if I ever get diagnosed with Diabetes, I’m declining treatment. Quality of life is more important than health care, at least for me. I’d never mix medicines with alcohol though, that’s just toxic. But I do intend to decline medical attention for incurable illnesses. I live in the real world too, living in the clouds doesn’t fix life at all. I don’t pretend that unicorns with rainbow cloud poos exist. I just live in reality and if anyone gets upset and dramatic, I just ignore them. If my opinions won’t be nor will I respect the opinions of others. Respect is earned, not given freely.


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