So my doctor appointment went well today. The doc pulled an eyelash that was growing into my eye, out. Eyelashes usually grow outwards, but occasionally one will grow inwards and cause problems. So the poor doctor carefully took it away and helped me wash my artificial eye piece so I could put it back into my eye socket safely without any infection risk. I have to clean my eye socket out again soon. She also cut bits of dry skin off my left big toe. It was hurting a lot for a few weeks, on and off. Today it felt a bit more painful, so the doctor cleared some yucky skin away. She wrote a note for me to take to nail places. The doctor said the ladies aren’t cutting my toenails properly so they’re getting stuck in my toes instead of growing normally. I tried to lift my toenail away from the skin, but the doctor wouldn’t let me. I also asked her to slice my toe at both sides and cut the nail to a slightly narrower width, but she refused. She wants to give pedicure people one more chance to get it right, and if I get nowhere with these people, she’ll refer me to a podiatrist. The doctor knows I love foot baths lol! We’ll see how it goes I think. I also have a referal to the Mata Hospital to see a guinicologist. I’ll keep you all posted when things happen and all that. I hate my periods and if I can come to some truce with all this shit so I can just move on, I’ll be satisfied. I just don’t want my previous menstrual problems to return. Infertility is the least of my problems right now. If painful periods gives me the cranks and a miserable week, just imagine what a pregnancy will do!!!!!!!! Doctors are so quick to read the book but they’re slow to get with the real world. I had a word with my doctor today and I may finally have flipped a switch and got her to see sense with my situation. Time will tell.

I’ve been messing around with the Woolworths online shopping system. I’ve also been letting Woolworths staff know I’d be coming along regularly to pick up shopping and also that I’d need assistance to get stuff that doesn’t make it into online orders. I really hate Coles, their disrespectful staff are doing nothing to help their business. I feel like being horrible back and buying the Coles store out of house and home. Greedy I know, but funnily enough I’m doing this to Woolworths and they seem to love it hahahahahahaha! I’ve got a great big shopping load coming in tomorrow and a small load to pick up on Saturday. I’m test-driving the drive-through shopping, and next time I’ll test-drive in-store pick-up. I want to prove that I no longer need a support worker for grocery shopping!!!!!! I have better things to do than waste four hours each week on grocery shopping when I could spend the same amount of time doing sports, fixing my personal life however I see fit, and socialising out in the community. As much as I hate online shopping at times, if a supermarket chain wants to help me get a shopping system going without arguing and bickering, then yeah, I’ll go with it. I need support workers for really difficult activities where I can’t be alone. Some forms of shopping can’t be done alone, and attending sports arenas isn’t good for a blindy to attend unsupervised. I hope Woolworths Online doesn’t frig up any time soon. I rely on them to shop independently; I have more control over my shopping if I do it myself. I have less to worry about with my life now, I presume that anyway. I’ll be having a relaxing day tomorrow, that’s for sure. I’ll be going to Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre in the morning, then home for the rest of the afternoon. On Thursday night I’ll be playing Secret Santa, and tomorrow I’m doing an early Christmas delivery with the excuse that Santa’s sleigh is super busy this year so some people have to get presents because he won’t have enough time to deliver goods to all households on the 25th of December. Lol haha! Yeah, I know Santa isn’t real, but I still pretend that he is, every year.


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