Shameful behaviour from Coles supermarket, and a better outcome with Woolworths

I’ve gotten back to normal a week ago, since coming down with a horrible stomach complaint. I’m still on a probiotics course for another few weeks just to be sure my mystery illness doesn’t recur. I feel generally ok, so maybe I’ll just stay well and good from now on. Guinicological issues haven’t deteriorated; in fact I feel rather well with all of that. I’m concerned about long-term side effects of this birth control implant, but so far I’m not suffering greatly so I suppose if I eat a good diet and drink properly and exercise every day, I should be mostly all right barring a few scrapes and bruises here and there. I need to get my left big toe checked but it’s not urgent so I’ll wait a while and see what happens. Maybe it’s just irritation from the nail, I don’t know. Not much other news about my health so far, so moving on!

It’s breezy today. So I figure I’d take a bit of fresh air outside for a bit while I write, even though it’s rather hot and I have to leave the air-conditioner on all day and turn it off at night. I imagine that between January and March I may need the air on at night sometimes as well. Our unit complex has solar panels so I can save money on power if I use electricity during the day and minimal electricity at night. So I hope summer doesn’t get too hot. I also hope I can get Guide Dogs to start my O and M program again as soon as they can fit me in. As much as I like to walk to my local shopping centre, I hate the Coles store there. The majority of staff are rude and overall disgusting with the way they treat people with disabilities. On Sunday I and my friend who is sighted but is also intellectually impaired, got abused by staff, and so did my support person. Staff said they’re demanding that the visually impaired community come in to get assistance with shopping on certain days that they pre-arrange and demanded that we use their online shopping service. I attempted to let the nasty bitches know of my bad experiences with online shopping, and I was dismissed and abused. My friend was dismissed and staff denied abusing him and me that morning. I was abused in front of my support person when I brought him and my friend with me a few hours later. Two nights ago, I had wonderful customer service from Woolworths, and they’re gladly getting me to test their online system again after I abandoned their system for just over a year. Woolworths staff apparently can’t wait to hear from me and to let them know of any issues I find with online shopping so the system can be fixed. Woolies wants more VI/blind people and as many other people with differing needs to start using online shopping as well. I was also told told to ask for assistance at the customer service desk as well. A totally opposite experience from the way Cole staff treat me. I can’t say every Coles staff member is abusive to customers, but a lot of them are, including head managers. They’re very racist as well. I’m taking legal action against them. Woolies can’t be sued for giving disabled/Vi people a hundred options for independent shopping and getting assistance, whereas Coles can be sued because they make demands on customers but won’t lift a finger to help them. They’re violating human rights too, by banning disabled people from going into the store without a friend or support person. Apparently the vision impaired community isn’t welcome at this Coles store. I’m going to sue the bastards for everything I can get from them now, and this includes one year of free shopping. Coles can get fucked, if staff think they can get what they want through violence and intimidation, they can bugger me dead and find another job. I’m not about to change for their greedy arses. Coles can help disabled customers or go broke, their choice.

I got a Woolworths Click and Collect order ready for pickup next Tuesday. I have another trolley-load of shopping to submit on Tuesday, and if it’s more than $200, I think I’ll get it delivered. I can’t fault Woolworths. They’ve given accessible shopping a major shot, and they’ve bent over backwards to help me out, so I’m giving them the respect they deserve. I’ll either be collecting it on Friday evening, or getting it delivered over the weekend, depending on how big the grocery order will be. At least I can write notes in the Woolworths online system. I grew to hate online shopping, but now I can write notes and special instructions, I’m ok with it again. It means that if I still miss a couple of items it won’t take more than three minutes for Woolworths staff to get those things. They won’t have to help me get a big lot of things if Click and Collect and Home Delivery is working properly. I can’t blame a store for not having everything I want, but Coles is disgusting. Why would I allow substitutions for unavailable items if I can’t even specify the substitutions? And their customer service is horrendous!!!!!!!! Any store that allows its staff to abuse customers should be frigging burnt to the ground. I will not have anybody tell me when I can and can’t go into a store when everyone else can go in the same store whenever they please. Get fucked Coles, is all I have to say to them. Woolworths is making independent shopping as accessible as possible and I’m grateful to them. Staff even show respect to my support workers and treat me as a person and not an invissible presence. I’m about to let Guide Dogs know of what’s going on. I’m sure they’ll be happy! Not. Lol! A VI friend of mine will be doing O and M in Coles next week so I can just imagine Coles staff backpeddling and twisting words and distorting things here and there. I did warn my friend to be cautious of them, but she’s the kind of person who needs to touch a hot stove before she takes you seriously. She will learn the hard way, I suppose. I generally hate online shopping too, but if Woolworths has made it more accessible and I can write instructions and ask for extra assistance if I need it, then I’ll take it.


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