Call from doctor

I got a call from the doctor today. I found out that I don’t have a stomach infection. So… Either it was a virus all along, or the antibiotics killed it off so a culture wouldn’t show any infection anyway. Which means the diarrhoea and tender stomach may be related to antibiotics in some way. Which means if I was infected, I probably started recovering enough over time to make my results come up negative. Next time I get crook, I’m going to take a test before actually starting on an antibiotic. Negative tests are fantastic news for me, but disappointing because now I can’t prevent an illness that I can’t find out about. So now I’m left in the dark as to what to do. If it wasn’t food poisoning, what was it?

I’m getting refered to a hospital to sort out my options for becoming sterilized. My doctor refuses to allow permanent sterilization; blatant disrespect of my decisions if you ask me, but she’s not about to budge so I’m going to wait to get another doctor to do what I’m asking for. First I’m donating a bazillion eggs to a good cause. I’m not about to go down without being nice to someone. It’s fucking overwhelming and tear-inducing, but I don’t care. So long as I don’t have to be a mother, I don’t give a shit! I just want someone to know I care enough to try to help them. I wouldn’t just throw my body at people, but Christ. If someone cries for help and it’s a good cause that benefits mankind, why not!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t put myself out for nothing. There are some people in this world who genuinely deserve the whole world let alone a child. I will try to contribute to someone’s well-being before sterilizing myself. I don’t care what the doctor thinks; if she doesn’t want me to do irreversible treatment, that’s bad luck to her. She doesn’t live in my body. I’ll demand I get what I want after I give someone a really pricy gift, or many. I also want a treatment that I can fix once or twice and move on. Let someone else be the mother they’ve always wanted to be1then please do something to me permanently and leave me alone. That’s all I’m asking. Good health is about fixing your own life to make of it what you want. Well, this is what I’m doing and nobody is stepping in my way.

I got my hair trimmed and slightly layered today. This lady who helped me was seriously awesome! Plus this hairdresser is conveniently in the shopping centre. She’s making sure I get a good shampoo, but we’ve swapped a conditioner over to another one in a bottle. I must admit I hate the pump products. I’d rather flip the bottle over and pour some conditioner out rather than pump it and not use all of it up. I must say I got along with this person a lot better in many ways. These people tend to work with each person until they’re done with their hair, maybe getting someone else to help out with certain hair treatments. I plan to go back when I’m ready to make another appointment. If I like this shampoo, I’ll just keep buying it. I won’t fix what isn’t broken. The other hairdresser I went to was inconvenient to get to anyway. I also like how the haircut was a lot cheaper! Forty-two dollars is a rip off for a simple hair style and cut, but at least I can get a pensioner discount. I also like how I’m not expected to make an appointment for my next visit right away. My life is getting on track now I think. If anything goes wrong, I’ll involve my family, but if all goes well, I’ll be fine.

Tomorrow I’m sleeping in a bit. I may get out of bed at eight o’clock. But if I wake up early, so be it. But I’ll be resting tomorrow. In the afternoon from noon and onwards, I’ll be up and Adam. I’ll be very busy making a good attempt to clean. I like participating in tasks so I feel like I’ve got control of my life. I’m glad I’ve got a whole lot of good clothes. I can’t be hot and bothered by wearing long warm clothes all the time. I think I’ll round up my washing tomorrow and just do it even though I don’t have much there to put through the washing machine. I want everything in my unit to be all clean so I can come tomorrow night to sleep in a really clean unit. I’ll be reading my Braille book from Vision Australia as long as I can stand to concentrate. By the looks of it, I may not even finish this book by Friday. I love reading books about other cultures and countries. I guess I’ll have to see how I go. I was going to copy a recording off YouTube and re-upload it if it’s removed, but maybe I’ll ditch that plan. I’ll just wait and see about that one too. I’ll be waiting and seeing about a lot of things, actually. The most shocking part of all this shit is: Today I found out that in Australia, a woman has to have a medical reason to be sterilized permanently, such as cancer or other guinicological condition rendering her devastated and suffering, unable to function with daily life. Otherwise, irreversible sterilization is illegal. I think certain disabilities allow for a lady to be permanently sterilized, but she needs medical evidence that it’s dangerous for her to fall pregnant and that she has intentions to have a sexual relationship where her life is threatened by accidental pregnancy. So yeah, I litterally fucked when it comes to keeping pregnancy from happening. I can have reversible treatments where I can either fall pregnant naturally at a later date, or carry a child through IVF if I so desire. But anything causing me to ever become pregnant or would prevent me from carry a child, is illegal without a reason. I think the law over here sucks to be honest. All women have to be painted with the same paintbrush (even Family Planning has to follow our sucky laws), all because some people may change their minds and want a family. So unless the doctors find something wrong with me, I’m only elligible for reversible sterilization. What a fucking crock of crap, but this is how it is. I can guarantee you that given the chance and the money, I could go to China or Tiwan for six months, get sterilized irreversibly, then come back to Australia with the details of the doctor who provides the service, and a letter or certificate freeing my current doctor from all responsibility and liability if something goes wrong or I start whinging, for whatever reason. Then she may treat me normally so long as she doesn’t encourage me to do any further irreversible procedures without a serious reason. So if I want major procedures done on an elective basis, I must leave the country. God bloody forbid.


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