A really great day!

I’m just about back to normal. I’m eating and drinking like a horse now. Today’s Link Vision event was wonderful. I didn’t do any shopping, but I ate an awful lot of food and drank a lot! No alcohol of course! I’m resting this afternoon, and will talk to the neighbours soon. I hope I never get food poisoning again and I hope I find out what I got sick from so I can demand compensation. I don’t expect to go out and eat rotten or poisoned food. Even if I didn’t end up in hospital’ it’s illegal for anyone to serve unsanitary food. I need to get to the bottom of this shit now so other people won’t get sick from this same joint I went to, two weeks ago. I also made sure to have nothing to do with this social meeting site either, for some odd reason people aren’t very nice in these groups and I don’t know why. I cannot fathom how anyone can organise a social gathering and bully other people! So I’ve got my life on track… For now at least. I can say at this time that I’m no longer sick. Now I just have to wait for my hormones to kick in so I can show the doctors what’s breaking down in my body so they can fix it. Hopefully I don’t create more problems with medical treatments to fix things I don’t want in my life. I won’t accept childbirth or the responsibility of looking after children. So any means to achieve an end will mean I win and have control of my life situation. I do what I want, not what the doctor thinks I want. She isn’t living my life. I don’t understand how hard it is for people to figure out, actually. Besides the bullshit I have to deal with from some pathetic people, I’m ok at this time so when I realise that I’m not functioning correctly according to how I should be when feeling healthy and well, I’m demanding to be fixed. I want my life thank you. Not someone else’s idea of a life. Ok. Sorted. And so I journey onwards and upwards to getting a new guide dog!!!!!!!!! A few people are concerned, but after a reasonable discussion, we’re all on the same page and so I can move on and enjoy my life.

I’m really looking forward to getting onto the waiting list next year. I have a lot of O and M lessons to get through over the next six months. I had to get Guide Dogs to hold off all lessons until February next year because of getting really sick and not knowing how long it would take me to recover. I’ve recovered quite well now, so I guess I’ll be enjoying a fairly healthy retirement from O and M training for eight weeks. I hope next year starts out well. I’ll be getting O and M from an O and M instructor and also a guide dog mobility instructor because I need to start the assessment process to see if I’m still elligible to train with, and handle a guide dog. I’m not very optimistic, but maybe I’ll pass the tests and do just fine. But I’m not sure at this stage. I’ll see how I go with my assessment to see how my spacial awareness is, and how well I’ll do with getting around by instructing someone where to take me as if I were instructing a guide dog. I’m freaking out because I don’t see myself doing well. But I’ll be surprised when I finally get to the stage of going through a dog handling assessment. I haven’t worked a guide dog since 2016 so I hope I don’t do really badly with the O and M assessment and dog handling test. Apparently according to what I’m told, the GDMIs need to check a lot of things but I will supposedly do ok, from past history and refreshment training and sorting out a few issues. I bloody well hope this means good news. Now that I’m back on my feet and not dealing with horrible pain and nausea any more I’ll be walking to the shops every single day. I will have to change hairdressers though. As much as the hairdresser is good in general, hair cuts and treatment is bloody expensive, and when I had to turn down an appointment yesterday because other dramas got in the way of my appointment, I was asked when I’d come back, when I’d already said I’d text the hairdresser to let her know when I would come back to get my hair done. I suppose she can’t read because of the way she framed her question and carried on, so I simply wouldn’t answer her. So I guess now Guide Dogs have to know about this bullshit as well which pisses me off because I thought I’d done well to learn to walk to this hairdresser place. Damn it! I went to a hairdressers in my local shopping centre, didn’t get my hair cut but the staff seem nice enough and they asked when I’d like to make an appointment but they weren’t overly demanding when I said I was just checking to see where they were in case I want to go back next time. I also got the feeling that I could just ring and make an appointment any time I’m ready to come back. With my current hairdresser, she seems to want people to make appointments as soon as you’re done so it’s like, you can’t even determine if you’ll even be able to make that appointment, which means you’re at risk of cancelling at the last minute. I hate doing this to anyone, but it’s not my fault that I get sick and have to see a doctor and go to an NDIA appointment and all the rest of it. Personally I think this particular hairdresser is fucking demanding now that I think of it. For me, I like making appointments for the next day or two, or even the next week. It’s not too far ahead and I’m more sure of myself that I won’t cancel on them at the last minute. I also can’t stand overbearing people. I like to go to the hairdressers for a hair cut, and if needed, a hair wash. But some people like to make money. And this hairdressers at my local shopping centre is in higher demand than the one I currently go to. I suppose GDQ will be a bit offended which I understand totally. But it’s not their fault if I decide to change hairdressers because of communication issues and high expectations with appointment bookings. I also feel like I’m forced into buying shampoos I may not like. I believe it’s ok to be comfortable and go with shampoos to fix certain scalp conditions, etc. But when you’re pressured into accepting shampoos that hairdressers choose for you, that’s a bit much. I think it’s up to the individual to try a few hair products and find one they like, rather than letting hairdressers choose them according to their own recommendations all the time. It’s a grey area really, because I don’t want to accidentally use the wrong shampoo and stuff up my hair. But I don’t want to use a product that I don’t like because the hairdresser wants me to use it, unless it’s to fix really bad dandruff or some other serious hair condition. I think washing hair for the sake of it is horrible too. It’s all about the money instead of the satisfaction of the customers. So yeah, there’s a lot of reasons why I wuld and would not stay with my current hairdresser, the would-nots being the biggest disadvantage. I’ll have to show the new hairdressers what shampoo I’m using and then I will stipulate that so long as I physically feel comfortable and nice, just show me some good shampoos and conditioners and don’t lock me into any unsigned contracts. I may even get a support worker to come along with me at least a few times so I don’t get conned or ripped off. Then I should be right.


One Response to “A really great day!”

  1. tiostib Says:

    Great to hear you’re feeling better! Take care!


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