27 November, 2018 22:59

I had a good doctor appointment today. I’m pushing for guinicological tests to determine what treatments I need in order to stop my periods. Apparently the doctor will call me back and let me know. I’ll either go on the pill or have something done. I want to be sterilized though, and I want to stop my menstrual cycle. I don’t like it. Twice yearly on the pill sounds ok, but then it’s still two menstrual periods to see that my uterus and vagina are ok. Well, if my vagina and uterus (the way my insides and stomach are every day), feels comfortable, why do I need to be fertile with a menstrual period? I’m blind. I don’t want guinicological problems to manage as well! Then I have to keep replacing underwear and clothes. I also don’t want to keep taking painkillers over my periods. They cause side effects after a while. Even twice a year taking painkillers is a bit much. No it’s not a frequent occurrance, but it’s a damn hassle all the same, and my lifestyle would be restricted. This doc is nice to me so I’ll stay with her. I have to hand in a sample of crap as soon as possible so I have to eat as well as I can today. It’s a pity I took a crap this morning, that would have been a perfect shit sample! Oh well…

It’s nearly 10:15 and I had a really good night! For the first time in nearly two weeks, I finally got hungry and ate a lot. I had potato wedges, garlic bread, onion rings, a burger and chips. I had hot chocolate and lemonaide and a fair amount of water. Food at this hotel is awesome! Some people freaked out over me because I drink a lot (apparently my drinking heaps of water and some coffee, isn’t unsafe after all), and I basically said that I’m ok and I’ve got a doctor who knows how to control my situation properly. I hope my new doctor can sort me out so I won’t stay sick and miserable. Surgery isn’t very nice, but it’s a frigging ietter alternative to misery for the rest of my life. If it’s ok to remove bad teeth, then it’s ok to remove a bad uterus. Besides the dramas, I’m starting to recover and I can’t wait to start exercising a lot again. Hiking on Thursday, gym on Friday. Next week I’ll be really going for it! I’m going to have a massive feed at the buffet bar in a couple of weeks, and next week I’m going to go for a great long walk on the beach. I want to pick up some Pipi shells and cook them at hmme.


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