22 November, 2018 08:26

I’m still slightly sick today. Slightly as in, my stomach doesn’t feel the best still. So I’m going to see how I go with eating, and if I eat enough I’ll take an antibiotic twice a day for five days. Let’s hope it works and I come good. If it doesn’t work for some reason, I’m going to decline any further treatment and stay comfortable at home. The hospital won’t help me, there’s too many medicines I can’t take due to side effects and reactions. So I won’t fare better there. I’ve never liked medical treatment so if something doesn’t benefit me, I won’t even bother with it. I won’t be reporting other health problems either. Everyone carries on at me about this and that. Well that’s them. I’m not going to be these people, so I’ll cope in my own way. Most people would do what they don’t like doing. Well I don’t work that way. If I don’t like a medical treatment, I decline it. Taking my right to refuse medical care away, isn’t changing anything. I’ll still refuse care if I feel th at I’m not getting anything out of it.


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