21 November, 2018 23:21

Getting a little better. I didn’t eat much tonight, just a few biscuits. I’ll have to decide whether I take an antibiotic tomorrow or not. If I wake up ok, I won’t. But if I feel crook, I’ll determine how much I can eat and play it by ear. I want to avoid the hospital though. I’m restricted to what medicines I can take so the hospital won’t be of help. They’ll just check me over and do some X-rays and such, and send me home in the same condition I left in. Yeah, fuck that already! I’ve decided to dictate what happens with my body because doctors think they have the authority to decide what happens. Well, no they fuckin’ don’t actually. They can think what they will, I don’t care. I’ll see how I am when I wake up though, and make a choice of what I do by then. I feel slightly shitty tonight, but not as sick. I’m glad I didn’t need a nausea tablet this afternoon. No appetite is bad though, blood loss as well. If it’s the same tomorrow, I guess I’ll be mucking about with wasting
my time getting a freaking checkup. I hope my stomach symptoms don’t return, because if I do find out that the bar in my arm has something to do with this, I’ll blow a fuse.


One Response to “21 November, 2018 23:21”

  1. tiostib Says:

    Hang in there! You are strong and you are loved!


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