What I got up to today

I slept in this morning. I felt ok when I got out of bed, so I ate a massive breakfast of curried sausage with pasta and vegies. I find it unbelievable that yesterday’s meal was cooked within thirty minutes. I couldn’t work like that without assistance! With a chef around, a bit of rushing doesn’t bother me. But if he were to make me cook the same meal without his help, I’d insist on more time. I’ll be discussing these concerns with the OT this afternoon. That way if I do slightly burn my food or cook it a bit longer than what the recipe calls for, especially if it’s chicken or fish (undercooked fish tastes disgusting!) then at least the food is safe for me to eat and I won’t spew from the taste or from getting food poisoning. I’ll be talking with my OT about a few things that worries me about my interactions with other people too. I can never reason with some people and I get so mad when people choose to run me into the ground just because they can.

I’ve still got the Hatchi app with three virtual pets living happily. I hope to keep up with the game for a long time! I plan to release two Hatchis and keep one, while adopting other ones. I’m also wondering if there’s a way to breed Hatchis. That would be fun! I sent an email to the developer because a few issues are happening. The coin currency in the game won’t appear even though I bought 5000 game coins for $3 and I signed out, then back into the iTunes Store. My settings say I bought the currency pack and it has gone through so the purchase is there. But when I open the Hatchi app, the coin balance doesn’t change and there’s no sign of my purchase in the inventory either. I have a Hatchi egg in the inventory, as well as a mystery box which contained an evolution guide, that works very well. It lets me read it. The eggs work if I buy slots to hatch them in, with my game coins. As for the currency pack and Coin Doubler, they don’t activate in the game at all. So I hope this is fixed in the next update. If anything buggers up, I’ll just release all Hatchis into the Hatchi Forest Sanctuary, then will start again with the app when a new update comes out. Apparently released Hatchis remain in the game wilds and you can visit them at any time until they eventually die off. I actually plan to keep a Hatchi alive as long as feasibly possible because I want to see if I can break a world record of the oldest virtual pet in existence. Besides that, I’m having a good day. I’m really excited about meeting my support worker tomorrow and I hope I get along with her! I’m freaking out over how I’ll get along with this new doctor but hopefully this time, he won’t tell me to commit suicide by water poisoning whenever I get sick, or wish I was dead because I’m blind and all thee other shit that some doctors and impostor thugs may think. To think that anyone would be happy for me to die because they don’t like seeing me vomit and/or looking sick is abhorrent to me, especially since most doctors that I know of, hate seeing me crook but would love to see me survive! Everyone hates spewing up, but wishing someone to be harmed or die over it is disgusting!!!!!!!!! If I’m unwell and I get agitated and nasty, you’re meant to try to help me feel better about myself and show kindness, not fucking tell me how to kill myself to look like an accident or natural causes and then abandon my health care and blacklist me! The only reason this doctor didn’t go to jail in May for hurting me is because I’m too dumb to report crime, and that ain’t about to change. I only report crimes if it’s in progress, not after the fact. It’s too much effort for me to complain, so the only way for a doctor to get into trouble is if I got very ill or died because of malpractice or bad conduct from the doctor, and family members and friends took action. I’m not the type to take action unless someone else finds out I’m in difficulty and helps me. Otherwise, I just move on with my life. The only reason I’m getting a new doctor is because I was forced to accept a new doctor, otherwise I’d still not have a doctor next year. And nobody wants me to intentionally neglect my health and get really sick or die without so much as a checkup. I personally don’t give a shit really. We all can’t live for ever. But since I’m pinning my hopes on this doctor not being the type to victimise people for financial gain, I’ll see how I go. I can’t fathom anyone loving money so much that they’ll even gain access to sick people to cause harm and death just because it’s their quickest means to an end. Oh well, new leaf, new chapter, better life.


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