New community support company

Hi people! I haven’t written for the past couple of days. I haven’t done a whole lot to rave about to be honest. I will say that the amount of bullies and patronising people I encounter on a weekly basis astounds me. I went to a walking group on Thursday night, and although the people in this group are nice to hang out with generally, they had a lot of negative, nasty stuff to say at me and another bloke who is totally blind like me, and a sighted intelectually impaired man. I honestly can’t believe how low-life many people can be! I’m going to make my own walking group and clearly state that moderate fitness is required and to wear sneakers and bring a waterbottle. I’ll also state that bullying and disrespect isn’t allowed, and anybody engaging in poor behaviour is going to be banned from the group. I don’t go out walking to listen to other larger-than-life people, demeaning people with disabilities and telling us we may get hurt if we try a 7-kilometre walk. They’re a very typical be-like-our-club-or-get-out, kind of group. And someone who wants me to come back, they’re very nice yet very very negative and depressing to listen to, at the same time. They have the don’t-push-your-limits attitude, and I won’t have that either. Who the hell is anybody to decide what I will and won’t do? If I collapse for example, after doing exercise, which rarely happens, how DARE anyone criticise me for it! HOW DARE!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, accidents happen, people sometimes get heat exhaustion/dehydration problems, and I will not ever tolerate anybody telling me what my limits are, thank you. So yeah, I’ve seen what society is like, and I feel like shit that so many sighted people would rather extinguish blind/disabled people just because some people want perfect people around them. I’d love to see some of these people lose their vision one day and tolerate the same type of bullying and we’ll see how they fare then!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the negativity of some people really suprises me – I wonder how anyone can survive such miserable lives with disgraceful self-talk and negative attitudes towards people who want to improve their own lives. I’m sure it’s to do with being jealous, sometimes it’s due to people wanting to better themselves by denegrating others because they have no other nicer ways that they know, to help themselves. But for God’s sake! It’s still infuriating and I’m starting to develop an aversion to people. I’d gladly walk 7 kilometres on my lonesome than put up with bullshit from other people. I now realise how much I hate group activities. I would hope that I can create a good walking group that is free of bullying, harrassment, and judgemental behaviour.

Next February, I’ll be learning some more travel routes and getting onto the waiting list for a new guide dog!!!!!!!! This is so long in coming. I’ll be writing a lot, and doing a lot of audio recordings on my YouTube channel. When I edit my blog later, I’ll be putting my YouTube channel in my blog’s blurb section at the top of the page. I’ve informed some people on Facebook page about this, as WordPress won’t allow blogs to be published on my Facebook profile. I can’t see what the problem is. Anyway, this is what’s happening, so now I’m glad I didn’t delete my blog site even though I left it hanging for quite a while. I was concerned I’d never see another person’s blog again as well, but it’s still up and running, so I’m very happy to be catching up on her blog. It’s in my blog roll, and I’ve put it into my reader in the WordPress app last night. good luck with your training with a new dog soon, <a href=””>Tori!</a> It’s very difficult to go through retiring a guide dog after working together for so long, but at least she’s a lot happier with her puppywalkers now. Good luck with your new partnership. I think dogs are amazing and I can’t wait to start writing about my assessment for a new dog in gory detail, as I could only discuss what happened when I was introduced to Troy, whereas this time, I can write about it all as it happens… wow!

I’m finally back after my big afternoon. A chef and a few others turned up and we had a lovely time. I’ll be getting cooking assistance for two hours every Sunday, but I can still cook independently at times if I want to. The guys just want to make sure I’m not hurting myself or getting sick from undercooked food. On Tuesday I start with a new support worker and I can’t wait! I’ll be getting to know a new doctor as well. Hopefully I won’t have to die or wish for the doctor to die… I just feel so nervous and freaked out at the moment. After that I’ll be going to a shopping centre for the day. I want to come home with enough happiness to want to go out to dinner. There isn’t supposed to be anything to stress over, but since I can’t accept medical treatments under any circumstances, well I guess there is a reason to stress. I did consider taking the Valium along just in case I panick too much, but maybe I won’t need it. Hopefully I can get in and get out without too much fuss. I have to eventually see a new dentist too. Won’t he love it when I tell him that after getting my wisdom teeth removed, I never asked questions and never got medical attention, and refused to seek assistance after being bullied by a false doctor! Man is he going to be happy about that. Not!!!!!! If this bullshit doctor wasn’t false, than what was she doing blacklisting me from receiving medical attention and lying about my health and medication use? I think when I’m sedated I may talk too much and the dentist will report all my complaints in. Haha, oh well! They can fucken deal with my vomiting stomach for all I care, I’ll be drugged out and won’t give a fuck. I won’t remember it anyway. And I’ll get back to normal soon enough.


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