Hopefully my life improves

Hopefully I get on well with this new community support company. The staff seem really nice! I guess I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life now. Hopefully I can get medical care from a real doctor this time. Now I know what an impostor is like, I hope to never experience horrible care from a fraudster again. Some doctors are like pedophiles under the guise of childcare workers; all they want is money and access to vulnerable people, whether it be children, elderly people, or sick and/or disabled people. I cannot fucking believe anybody going to medical school could dream of getting access to a medical clinic to hurt other people for financial gain. I could throw up right now, but I won’t because I could be lucky enough to get well again at home, or I may end up getting medical attention in a hospital and sleeping off some IV fluids with sandman stuff for a couple of days lol! So I’ll just forget about the shit that happened in May, and get ready for another load of crappy medical treatments next year under the care of someone who tries to make people comfortable and able to survive long enough to end their lives on a healthy note at a ripe old age.

I have my OT coming around tomorrow. I hope I get more O and M lessons this year. The quicker I can get onto the waiting list for a guide dog, the better! I’m looking forward to my first day with my new support worker on Tuesday as well. Honestly, the Centacare workers are attrocious and unprofessional, I wouldn’t recommend the company to anybody. The problem with Centacare is that it’s bloody Catholic! The system is run in such a fucking brutal manner. The God damned bill I was sent was a frigging lousy scribble job with no explanation of why they want my money. Robbery if you ask me. If they can’t send me an honest billing report, what makes you think I’d trust them? Centacare isn’t even fuckin’ reputable! The company isn’t even NDIS funded even though the liars say they are. Centacare did their darndest to make me look bad, so now the wankers are gonna pay for it. I’ve had it with bullshit from people, so I hope this is a new leaf or I’m going to lose it. The next doctor who lies about me abusing drugs and pretending to be ill when I’m not, is gonna friggin’ die. And I want my NDIS plan to start being used up since stupid Centacare didn’t do jack shit to help me get it organised. The new company I’m with has helped me get myself organised straight away so tomorrow I simply need to put my banking details into the NDIS MyPlace porthole, and I’ll be set. Next year I’m planning to self-manage my funding. But I’ll see about that at my next review. My health will be getting back on track properly soon too. And I’ll be getting a lot more exercise since I’ll be able to do as much walking as I like because the support worker I’ll be with, loves exercise and fitness!!!!!!!! She’ll also be able to help me get involved in a lot of sports like rock-climbing, hiking and martial arts. I like getting on the move, sedentary living is just not me.

I’m doing good with the Hatchi app as well. I’m earning more coins so I can buy more space to put more Hatchi pets. I think the iPhone app is pretty cool. I’m going to give the pets more attention when I’m done with this blog. I have more good news. I’ll be getting help to cook each week from now on, until we’re sure I can cook properly without help. My biggest challenge – spanner in the works rather, is how I’ll know meat is cooking properly without me being able to touch it. If I can’t check my food by touch, then fuck, I have no idea what I’ll do. I don’t want to burn my fingers but I also don’t want to eat food that is undercooked. I also hate burnt food. At least I know I can cook independently most of the time. I’ll be doing roast pork on Sunday. On Wednesday I want to do fried steak and vegies. On Tuesday I’ll go to my new doctor and that night I’m going out to dinner. On Thursday night I’m going hiking and on Friday I’m sleeping in. Saturday will be a day of sleeping and I’ll be getting up early on Sunday. I’ll be listening to Netflicks shows all day and cooking a roast. The chef will also do a really good slow cooker lamb casserole of some sort and I can’t wait to taste it. I’ll have to eat food out of the freezer before then because I’ll need enough space for five containers of single-serve meals every week. I eat so much other shit now that I won’t always need a really big meal except when I go out. With the amount of food that will sit in the fridge on a weekly basis now though, I may not go out as much.


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