What riles me the most about bad people…

Sit down now people, you’ve got a lot of reading to do! Haha! But seriously, here goes. I’m very, very very glad I’ve cut a friendship off last night. It was bound to happen at some point. I didn’t know it would happen so fast. I love to try to get along with everybody, but at the same time, if I try to help any person and they still choose to continue acting as they do and another person or animal is being affected negatively by this person’s actions, I will interfere to put a stop to the shit. I can give people a chance, but when some people fuck me over, I say piss off. I’ll tolerate accidents but I won’t tolerate blatant fucking dishonest and negative shit. Especially when it happens at an RSL club, and especially at one which I frequent a lot. Last night’s situation was both embarrassing and infuriating. To think that I can spend time with a so-called friend while they drag their guide dog around and treat it like crap and they don’t take the dog outside to a grass area to do business more than once for the entire day I’m with this shit of a person, drives me to wanting to smack my head at a wall. I was forced to write an urgent letter last night. I made sure the person I sent it to, could receive it immediately. I can’t stand people who drag their dogs around without giving that dog any chances to rest properly, eat and drink adequately etc. I especially HATE people who use mental illness and medicine as an excuse to be intentionally cruel to both people and animals. All anyone has ever done is treat this lady well, and she has fucking ruined it for herself and wasted all of our time and effort. This piece of shit thing clearly only wanted help for attention and so she could be nasty and horrible and get away with it. She really didn’t mean to make friends at all. She just wanted a lot of targets to lash out at so she can get control of whatever she can cling on to, because Stupid Bitch can’t control her own life. I really can’t tolerate manipulative people. I hope the fucking bitch lives a miserable life now. I hope she gets lonely too. Not only is she my worst enemy, I hope she becomes her own worst enemy. And I hope she suffers miserably. Karma is a bitch.

I’m resting for the afternoon. I’ll be going to the RSL club tonight. I need to relax and have a good time. I’ll be staying at home for the rest of the week so I may as well spend the rest of today socialising. Tomorrow I’m lazing around. And for the whole of next week I’ll be organising a support worker to come out to me every week. I have to make sure I’ve got a cleaning service up and running so I can let the community support companies know what’s going on. Once I’ve got everything sorted, I’ll be letting Guide Dogs know. I like to be doing something every day. Now that I’m not with Centacare because they’re too lazy to help anybody, I’ll be finding another community support service that will help me properly. Centacare started out well and went down the plughole never to be seen again. I feel sorry for anyone who supports that organisation, but oh well… What else can I do? I think religious institutions are the cancer of the human race. I’m not an atheist, but I do understand why some atheists do act the way they do towards many religious people. I don’t think religious people suffer from persecution at all. I think the persecution thing is just a bloody ruse for getting away with abuse or religious behaviour that wouldn’t be accepted for any other reason. Things like forcing people to suffer from terminal illnesses instead of euthanising them. Enlightenment during suffering isn’t even a real thing. People just say that suffering causes us to learn to persevere because they won’t admit that it’s just plain fucking abuse. We have to make up excuses for being cruel so we can use religion as a disguise for what we really mean. And honestly, most people mean to be abhorrent and evil, as in horrendous and nasty. Not all people are like this. It’s the people who’re against euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide that are the worst. As much as I don’t think it’s right to simply kill someone let alone an animal, I think it’s wrong to just let people suffer as well. But anyway, I could write all day and all night about that.

So to get back to my point about religious people and persecution: I think most people don’t even know what persecution is, really. Let’s say that if I report someone for abusing animals and they say, ‘Well get fucked then! You’re on your own!’ and they start slandering and gossiping and trying to get me into trouble for nothing, ok that’s persecution! I hate people who persecute others. I probably shouldn’t, but I do. And, God apparently loves people who pray to him about persecutors. Well he loves honesty too, so I’ll be honest. I have no fucking idea how to pray for people who persecute me, because I rarely ever get persecuted, by anyone. Last night’s bullshit where the person refused to look after her dog properly is one rare example of real persecution. I’ve dealt with shit from this person before, but never so severely. I only ever suffer from true persecution once in a fit so I never know what to do when it happens. I’m sure that maybe some religious people do suffer persecution, but most people have no idea what it’s about. I’m not so much scared of people who give me a bit of flack because of a disagreement. It’s the shit where people will actively try to harm me or my associates if I stand up for what’s right. That’s what I’m scared of. I get treated like shit from time to time. Some people are even openly hostile to me. But rarely do they take the next step of trying to destroy my reputation or ruin my life for no reason other than I’ve busted them and they don’t like it. Don’t come to me saying you can cast out demons. No you can’t. Try the real thing, by reporting ligitimate troublemakers. Then you’ll really know!!!!!!!! If you want a fight, expect to get hurt a little. That’s my advice. I won’t stand for bullshit from people, so I just dive in and do what I have to do. I’ll get over the damage. I won’t get over it if someone is allowed to get away with whatever they’re trying to cover up.

I’m off to the library on Tuesday. I’m gonna sit around for a couple of hours downloading Netflicks shows and then I’ll probably get something for dinner from Coles. I’ll consider going to The Junction on Wednesday, but their food is going to shit. I think spending a Friday or Saturday night at the RSL club is better. If anyone says anything to me about last night, I’ll bloody well tell them that they need to give Guide Dogs a call. If they don’t say anything, I’ll just forget about it. I’m moving on with my life anyway, so any crap that does transpire over the next week or two won’t affect me much. I just feel so sorry for some other people right now, but I think these people will know what they’re doing and will put this frigging bitchface in her place. I hope she loses any pets she owns, and her poor guide dog. And she should be punished for a week by being forced to live under someone’s thumb all day and all night, make sure she doesn’t eat and drink or go to the toilet unless her supervisor says so. We’ll see how she fucking likes it! Poor pup, I hope she’s re-homed with a better handler soon, or becomes someone’s loving pet dog. Either way, this faggot doesn’t deserve to keep animals. How can anyone get away with abusing animals for eighteen years? Some people are more experienced at being horrible to animals than they are at the jobs they’re meant to be doing, such as caring for the dog properly and being kind to it and all that.


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