Animal cruelty

Ok here comes a great big rave. I felt it coming on all day. I don’t care if I’m identified either. I just won’t say who I’m talking about. Right, so here goes. My biggest pet peeve is people who rattle on about how much they love animals, yet they act totally opposite in reality. Some people claim that animals are as equal as any human. So why do I hear people mistreating the animal by rousing it all the time, carrying on about its behaviours instead of training it etc. I heard someone tether their guide dog with no indication that the dog had drank any water for more than three hours! No other details or anything like that. Just that I heard that someone hadn’t given their dog water for more than three hours. The dog hadn’t gone outside for more than three hours, I heard what had happened. I think it’s ridiculous how people can be such hypocrites.

The other thing that gets me is how some people make friends with me and yet they really aren’t friends. I only found this out about someone when I had to put up with their disgusting attitude towards a lot of people, and their dog. And this person allows their other two animals to run rampant and make mess everywhere, yet this person denies all of this. I feel sorry for the animals, and if I owned that house, that particular person wouldn’t be living there. I’d even blacklist this person and I’d make a complaint to the RSPCA as well. I think this person is disgraceful. To think that this person goes around preaching like a righteous monk and acting all nice and pious, yet when one gets to know them, they’re a total bloomin’ nasty thing to put up with! A hypocrite is all I can say about them.

The attitude this person has towards people is bloody horrible. The person snaps at people, will not let people help her with very basic care of the guide dog, doesn’t care if anyone tramples the dog, won’t let people be nice to it. I wouldn’t accept distracting the dog from its training routine and work duties as a guide dog, but far out! Why can’t anybody be nice towards it? The poor dog! And here I was, thinking I could be a friend to said not-so-friend. I could go on! Maybe I should. I really wish I could write to this person and tell them how I truly feel. If the person does decide that they know it was me who dobbed them in, then oh well! Maybe they shouldn’t be so damn disgusting. I gave this person the benefit of the doubt. But after what I heard happen, I can’t believe I even considered talking to this person. I had a fallout with them a couple of years ago. Now I know why I never wanted contact with them ever again, and now my case stands as it did before. I have absolutely no time for people like the one I’m so furious at. I believe they use religion as an excuse to be bad people. Well yeah, this is why I feel most religious people, not all of them of course, are hypocrites.

And now I’ll go on about something else that fairly pisses me off!!!!!! People who think they can go around and kill others because of race and ethnicity. Absolutely dispicable! Who do people think they are? I feel sorry for anyone who gets treated horribly just because of being racially different from someone else! I just think it’s so fricken ridiculous, and to think that now a whole community of people in America are in turmoil because of a terror attack is so bad! Like seriously, violence in this world is on the increase! And I thought World War 2 was bad and full of nightmare stories. Look at what happens around the world today! Some people think they have the right to storm into a Synagogue and kill people, why? Because apparently these people were disliked for being a nationality these terrorist perpetrators didn’t like. This is terrible. I wonder how people would react if someone stormed into a temple, or mosque, church, and any other religious institution and shot people dead for being Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Taowist, etc? Or any other nationality, for that matter? I think certain people are low-life scum who can treat people like that. I don’t believe in murdering people because you dislike their nationality. I hate that kind of shit happening on this earth. There’s just no other way for me to say it. I thought all this sort of racial persecution and discrimination only existed in a book or part of our past history that we knew of years ago, but doesn’t happen now. Well blow me!!!!!!!! I’m reading about it in people’s blogs on the Internet, as it happens!!!!!!!!! OMG! You’d think that by now, we would have moved on and learned a thing or two. But nope, apparently not. So I can officially declaire that history is indeed repeating itself, as predicted it would, years ago when I was at school.


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