Something else to say

It’s thirty-one degrees Celcius outside today. Wow, that’s fucking hot! I didn’t know it’d be so hot today. I felt really hot before, so I wanted to check the weather to make sure it’s not me getting sick. Yea, it isn’t! It’s the bloody heat outside getting into this house. The aircon is on now so it’s all good. I’m about to eat breaky and read a book, then I’ll be watching Netflicks for a while. After that I may just sit and write a private blog all day and speak to Tori if she’s not doing anything.

I’m going to touch on a subject that people have written about quite a lot. And that’s taxi drivers not accepting service dogs. I can’t go into too much detail, but basically I was in a taxi a few nights ago, and another passenger was accused of animal cruelty by the taxi driver. Except that the cab driver had the hide to abuse me and say nothing to the passenger. I told him not to complain at me because for one the dog doesn’t belong to me and lastly, I can’t be responsible for other passengers, let alone my friends with their guide dogs. So I reported the taxi driver in when I rang the taxi company the next morning. The next thing I know, Guide Dogs rings me the next day to ask questions. They know the dog doesn’t belong to me, so enquiring if I have a dog is a bit stupid, but I guess Guide Dogs had to make enquiries because somehow the taxi driver incident became an animal cruelty complaint. Don’t ask me how, I don’t get told anything like ‘Hey! This taxi driver told the taxi company to complain about a guide dog user’ and things like that. So I don’t know everything. What I do know is, somehow the report about a taxi driver making up crap about someone’s guide dog, turned into a complaint, so now Guide Dogs has to investigate it because it’s their policy to take cruelty complaints seriously even if it’s discovered that the taxi driver is either lying, or doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hey, if Guide Dogs does find issues with the guide dog user, excuse me but I can’t see, and I clearly don’t know everything about everyone. I can’t determine if someone is being cruel to their dog just by being friends with them. The only way I’d know is if someone behaved badly in front of me, and I’d say something like, ‘Don’t you think the dog is hot/thirsty by now”‘ or something of the like. I’d let the friend know that I’m just trying to be helpful. If they don’t want help, that’s fine. If I’m truly concerned, I’ll ring up Guide Dogs and complain without further discussion. Guide dog users have the right to know what’s going on around them and to know of any issues between them and other people. The person making the complaint to Guide Dogs also has the right to free speech and to show concern about any service animal/client issues in front of them, so in other words, what the person making the complaint, sees happening. That person has the right to speak up as well.

I told both the taxi company and Guide Dogs that due to the fact that I can’t see, I don’t know when someone is being cruel to their dog most of the time. Many years ago I rang Seeing Eye Dogs because I was with another person when they forced their poor dog to lie on hot concrete while waiting for the train. It doesn’t take having vision to hear what was going on. So yeah, if I’m certain that animal cruelty is occurring, I’ll report it in. So I told the taxi company and Guide Dogs that unless I know for sure that someone is being cruel, I’m not going to put in a formal complaint. And I told the taxi company that if the taxi driver is so concerned, to call Guide Dogs and report his concerns to them. So whatever occurred after I hung up from speaking to the person at the taxi company, it has turned into an animal cruelty investigation, all because the taxi driver doesn’t want dog hair in his car. He complained at me that he can’t pick up other passengers while there’s dog hair all over his car. And his judgement is that the passenger isn’t looking after the dog properly. I’m pissed off over it because most labrador retrievers lose heaps of hair, some more than others. So I feel certain that nothing will come of this investigation unless I don’t know something is wrong and Guide Dogs finds out. Guide dog users don’t want issues when they get in a cab and then a complaint is made, but I basically tell people that unless they do something wrong, just forget about it. If there’s any training issues Guide Dogs discovers, just go with the changes to training and report your issues you have with these changes, and you’ll be fine and the situation will work itself out. If the cab driver is lying, he’s gonna get the sack. I just find it ridiculous that taxi drivers will try to get Guide Dogs to take dogs off of people just so the taxi driver can have his way and not have to deal with dogs getting in his car. He’s a dickhead.


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