Technology and other things

I haven’t done too much of late besides sit around and play with my phone. I did go to the library today but this is because I didn’t want to sit at home. I used the Wi-fi network so I can reduce how much network data is milked from my phone. I did a lot of reading, surfed the Net and used YouTube for a while. I’m surprised that YouTube Live doesn’t work properly on Wi-fi but over my own data, it’s perfect. I find this very weird. What I did finally get working was the speak screen feature. With voice-over turned off, you swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen and Siri reads whatever is on the screen, including a book. I discovered you can lock the phone, and even use voice-over while it reads independently! This is amazing. I’ve changed the Siri reading voice to Karen because I hate the other Siri voices. So I will assume that I can turn voice-over off, put earphones in, and listen to my books without interruption as I walk around or travel. I’m surprised how quickly I can get through a book when Siri is reading without any interruptions that are typical of voice-over! So now I can effectively listen to music and read a book at the same time, if I really wanted to.

I’ve decided I’m going to sit and read for two days, tomorrow and Monday. I have lots of food in the fridge to eat, plus I want to read as much material from Borrowbox as possible. Borrowbox is an app for smart phones which allows you to read books in electronic format. You just log in to your local library and you’re able to read all their books, including audio books. I don’t read the audio books, I’d prefer voice-over or Braille over a boring book narrator. So anyway, I want to get through a really long book. Then I’ll re-borrow a few other books one by one, until I’ve read them all. I still like iBooks, Apple Books as it’s called now. You can buy books and keep them forever. And there’s a new free book every week. I’ve got nearly three hundred books. I’ve got heaps of unfinished books to get through, and hundreds of new books. I think I’ve developed a reading and writing adiction. Lol the librarians aren’t concerned about this at all! I guess you can never read and write too much.

I tried to sign up to an IFTP site. Tori sometimes does recordings on the site and posts them to her blog, but when I tried to sign in with Facebook, the site kept rejecting me. It just wouldn’t let me in, and when I tried to create a good password, that didn’t work out either. I literally couldn’t create a password because the IFTP site didn’t accept it. So I’ve given up on it. So I think I’ll stick to doing YouTube recordings and WordPress blogs. Actually, what I can’t understand is, why won’t Facebook allow me to publicise my blogs in my profile? It’s still a fucking Facebook page6 I have to say, Facebook sucks sometimes. They bloody take over people too much. Facebook needs to get a grip. At least my blogs go to my Twitter page. It’d be nice if Facebook would be reasonable and allow for more Internet platforms in profiles. This is how I’d get more blog traffic. As for anyone who may get offended at my blog posts, get over it. I didn’t make your decision to read them. And who are you to decide what posts I make private or public? Who do you think you are? This is my blog, I’ll do what I like with it. So if ya don’t like it, shut up with the complaining and enjoy the posts, or piss off and find another blog. Why don’t you take control of your own blogs before controlling other people’s blogs? Anyway, with that out of the road, my day went well for me. I got back in touch with Stephanie and Tori, so all good. I won’t speak to a few other people though, I can’t bear the shit fights and bullying. So I keep away from those types. I’ll be going to the shops on Tuesday, I need to buy a packet of chips. I need to clean the place up a bit so my grandparents don’t make me really angry with their whining and moaning when they come around on Wednesday. On Monday I need to see what’s going on with my NDIS plan. For the rest of the week, God only knows what’s going to happen. Most likely I’ll be at the library, or sitting at home drinking coffee while I delve into half a dozen books. Yep, what a life! Well I have to finish writing. I have nothing else to say, not in a public post anyway. Some things I don’t want people to read for legal reasons.


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