What I’ve been up to

I’m back. I haven’t written in here for over a month. I think I’m suffering from writer’s block. I do have plenty of time to write, but sometimes I just don’t want to and at other times I just can’t think of what to say or where to start. I do feel that I’m gonna take ages to write this post but I guess that’s just how it is. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About Guide dogs and what they’ve done for me so far. About how slow NDIA is with their organisation and processing of information. About how I have to find a qualified doctor who isn’t an illegal worker or impostor, who can genuinely care for me in sickness and in health, who knows how to fill out paperwork properly, and can administer humane treatment to all patients in their care. It’s understandable if patients deny their own care, we can’t change everybody. But for a doctor to deny someone medical care and treat someone inhumanely is a criminal offense as far as I’m concerned, and utterly disgraceful. We should bring the death penalty back so people who get a medical licence in order to harm others can get justice handed to them. But anyway, I digress. I’ve been thinking about going on the hunt for a real doctor so I don’t have to go to the hospital to see one. Now I do realise that corrupt people work in hospitals too, but in general doctor’s surgeries, there seems to be a lot more of them. Don’t get me wrong, but if a medical person works in Australia, they need to hold a legal visa and worker’s permit, and they need to speak and understand English in order to work here, let alone to be an Australian citizen. But anyway, I’ll be looking for a proper, genuinely qualified doctor who can fill out any paperwork properly. I have a great ophthalmologist, so now I need a great GP. I can’t believe people can still get away with working illegally in Australia and I think it’s ridiculous that people can still get false medical credentials. But oh well, yeah… I’ve also been thinking about the friend networks I’m developing. Oh yeah, and I’ve been considering going through the process of changing care providers. Centacare started out really good. But for some reason a glitch has occurred in the system and now they’re not helping me. No NDIS funding or anything. I’ll be getting Guide Dogs to help me sort something out if something isn’t done about Centacare within two weeks. The other thing I plan to do, but this will be slow going if I do go through wi6h it, I want to hire a solicitor. Watch this space, that is all.

I’ve been going out a lot lately. I’ve been going to a hotel for dinner every Wednesday night for the past two weeks. I may not end up going there every single week, buut I’ll go there most weeks. There’s other groups happening on a Wednesday night which I’ll be joining as well. Actually, I’ve signed up to heaps of groups on <a href=”http://www.meetup.com”>/<a/&gt; So I’m really getting out and about now. My social life started to improve when I met someone who I knew from Audioboom, three weeks ago. We met at the local library. We decided to become friends and she showed me this website. I haven’t looked back. I just hang out with this person whenever I feel like it. Of course this is how I am with all my friends. I also discovered how to upload audio from Recorder HQ as public so anyone on YouTube can listen to it. I’ve put my YouTube channel in previous posts. When I eventually get Wi-fi I’ll be fixing up my widgets so you’ll se my YouTube channel on the sidebar. So life is happening. I’ll be going out for dinner on Wednesday night, and the next Wednesday I want to go to a rock-climbing event to see how I like it.

I’m back. I did an audio recording for YouTube, ate breaky, and made a second cup of coffee after having a cup of water. I watched an episode of 13 Reasons why on Netflicks. Apart from TV, Netflicks is the best app ever! I’m currently doing my washing as I sit around having a lazy day. I flossed my teeth, something I detest but I have to do it because eventually my mouth gets sore if I don’t. I need to book an appointment with a private dentist soon I think. I’ll be taking Valium and getting my teeth cleaned and possibly some work done on them, something which isn’t funded by Medicare. Medicare only funds emergency care, so if I want ongoing medical treatment, I have to pay for it. If I want Medicare to fund it, I have to fill out a form with evidence that without treatment, my life will be shortened drastically, and I have to prove that I can’t afford ongoing treatment. I won’t go down that route unless I really have to. I’ll get my dental care sorted so I don’t develop complications, and I hope to God I’m not sent to the opposite side of town for treatment because I’ll refuse to go back and forth from appointments if I’m not booked into a facility close by. I wouldn’t even allow Centacare get involved with my medical care this year, I told them and Guide Dogs that I’m ok with suffering so long as it’s not life-threatening. I don’t want medical assistance to recover or get well unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Vomiting and diarrhoea isn’t included as a need for assistance for example. I need to actually get dehydrated before I’ll allow medical attention. The same goes with pain. If I can walk around, I’m fine. As soon as I can’t eat or drink, I’m ok until I realise I’m not getting better, or if I’m in too much pain to get out of bed, or if I collapse and can’t get up. But just suffering in general isn’t enough for me to seek medical attention. As for pain relief, I’ll only take it if I physically can’t function without it. Suffering from pain isn’t an incentive for me to accept help that I think I don’t need. When I see a new doctor, I’m going to try really hard to lock myself out of any medical care deals, even though I know I need my teeth fixed and I need to stay healthy… I just don’t want non-emergency medical care. I don’t believe that sickness and suffering leads to enlightenment or anything like that, I just want to deal with things in my own way. So yeah, if I’m expected to follow doctor’s orders, it won’t be happening if I have to go out of my way to get to their facilities. I’m too selfish for my own good I know, but I live my life to suit me and I won’t have anybody ruin my schedule except if it suits me to interrupt it, or if a medical person can ligitimately convince me to go out of my way to accept medical care. I know all the bullshit crap about medical care keeps us healthy and prevents or lowers the risk of disease, blah blah blah. But my understanding is that we’ve all gotta die of something one day. But after digressing a lot, what I wanted to say is that I wouldn’t allow for any medical support; I don’t need someone with a Master’s degree to tell me what I already know. I can help myself, thank you. If I want assistance, I will ask for it. So yep… I’m still alive and I probably won’t die if I don’t report minor problems to the doctors. If any doctor tries to make me accept what they think of as reasonable and necessary treatment, I’ll just say that the issue(s) are just short-term and not life-threatening. If they become life-threatening, then that’s when I need help. I’ll then shake my head while saying ‘yep… Ok then… Cool6’ while intentionally disregarding any medical advice.

So the point I’m intending to get at with all this is that I’ll jusd get a doctor to fill out paperwork and I’ll fly through the apparently necessary checks just to pass the paperwork on and get what I need done for my own life. I guess I’ll see what happens when it comes to booking a dentist appointment. Getting me to trust medical people is like trying to tame a zebra, it just won’t happen. Besides all the crap to do with doctors – the money-hungry bastards, I’m doing fine. I’ll be using the talking scanner today to read mail and my food processor manual. I guess I’d better put my towels in the dryer… I’m just too lazy at the moment. I can’t decide whether to put my aircon on or not. One minute it’s freezing cold, the next minute the town is plunged into a hot oven! Fucking scary I must say. I can buy a whole heap of prepared foods from Coles now so I can keep myself from burning out because of the weather, which I’m happy about. The supermarkets really have improved on their food preparation for elderly and disabled people. My next decision I need to make is whether or not I’ll walk to the shops. I need to get salad for making chicken wraps. I suppose I could get it tomorrow. I don’t cook much any more, I either eat salads with meat and/or some type of bread, or I go out to eat or get cooked food delivered with Uba Eats. But we’ll see. I’ve been reading a heck of a lot lately as well. I need to read some books on Borrowbox at some point too. I may end up renewing them all so I can finish them. I’ll also think of a lot more to say for this blog, I just can’t think right now. Plus my phone needs to be charged so I’ll just do some chores for a while before I get back to finishing this post.

I’m back after doing some audio recordings and listening to Netflicks again. I’m in my room, thinking of what I should eat tonight. I spent all afternoon struggling through 13 Reasons Why. I got through Season 1, but Season 2 is taking forever for me to get through because it’s so tough! People getting raped, attempting suicide, etc. All because one girl killed herself and the high school is trying to implicate the parents while doing nothing to help the rest of the students through grief. I know it’s only a movie, but the shit that people act out makes me feel ashamed to be part of the human race. I feel certain that school bullying still goes on in reality. I’m definitely sure that nothing is being done about it. I’m also certain that domestic violence isn’t frowned upon. It’s a normal part of society whether we like it or not, and no amount of education and lobbying against it will change a thing. People in general are naturally violent. Of course there are individuals who don’t accept domestic violence and some people aren’t violent at all. But generally speaking, our society is violent. I also think that crimes are easy to get away with. Not just because of a movie – which of course movies do in a way highlight reality. It’s just that movies are usually dramatic and so reality is quite different, which we all know; But I still feel that criminal behaviour is easy to get away with. I think sexual assault and murder are the two easiest crimes to get away with. They’re the only crimes where you can leave no evidence to make those crimes unprovable. I also believe that people use mental illness as an excuse to do the wrong thing. I think people know what they do and assume that if they pretend to be mentally ill, or they try to use a diagnosed mental illness to explain their crime, that they can somehow get away with it. I’m also of the belief that education doesn’t help anyone unless they want help. You can give someone every reason in the world to change, but they won’t… Unless they really want to change. I reckon suicide prevention is a fass too. People only commit suicide if they really want to. If they don’t, maybe they’ll attempt it and then change their mind, or maybe they just won’t do it. But suicide prevention doesn’t fix anything, it only works on people who don’t want to die. If someone wants to die, no amount of persuasion will change them. People only change their mind if they work out for themselves that they realise that maybe they want to live. But anyone looking to succeed in dying will ensure that they can’t backpeddle. Then there’s the people who want to live but it’s too late for them to back out. Well, it’s too late so such people can never come back to tell us what they knew whilst dying.

I’m going to the library tomorrow. I decided to stay home all of today. I’ll be listening to Netflicks and reading all of tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to eat before I leave home. I plan to stay at the shops all afternoon and leave at a bit after five o’clock to pick up my friend so we can go to a hotel for dinner. I don’t know what I’ll have, but I plan on eating very little for lunch so I’ll be hungry. Next week I want to go to a rock-climbing group so I’ll have to eat two hours before I go so I won’t be too full when I’m climbing. I’ll have plenty of food ready to tuck into when I get home from the outing, and for all of next week. I don’t know what I’ll do for the rest of the week. Most likely read every day no doubt. There’s a lot of books I want to get through.


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