Plans have changed again. I put my shoes on with the intention to walk to the shops so I could sit in the library. But instead, me and K went to a really nice fish and chips shop and sat around for two hours. We talked to a friend who lives in this area of town, where this shopping complex is. I’ve been there lots of times and I’m going back there in two weeks. Me and K and N had a good laugh. To not confuse anybody, I’m using first initials instead of the full name. So the name Justin is j, Lara is L, Wendy is w, and so on. I just used example names. Anyway, N has some mental challenges but she’s lovely and we always have a joke and a laugh. Her husband, D, is funny as well. D turned up just before five-thirty. For dinner I had a toasted crumbed chicken and onion sandwich and a cup of chips. K had Calamari and chips. I had orange juice, a bottle of water, and a bottle of chocolate milk. I was full after that! I nearly bought a two litre bottle of milk, but have decided to buy this tomorrow afternoon.

As we were going to the taxi to go home, R, the cab driver, asked me if I’d allow J, neighbour in our unit complex, to come along. He was apparently upset and on the verge of crying. I said no way! I’ve had it with J and his bung-on crap. He can squeeze out the crocodile tears all he wants. He needs to learn to stop being a pest and begging the neighbours to wait on him hand and foot. He has carer support, he can fucking well call on them!!!!!!!! We are NOT J’s care workers, are we? He may misunderstand a lot of things, but he certainly knows and understands very basic things, like asking his carers for help. He free-loads and I DON’T like free-loaders!!! I’m very angry at J and W, J’s stepdad, for what they did and how they acted last night. I’m cut off my friendship with them for now. If they want to treat me like I’m judgmental, GOOD! Everyone is judgmental in some way. People will say ‘oh, don’t judge me! I don’t like feeling judged6’ Ok? So you’re ok with people judging you, then? But it’s never ok for others to do the same to you? Well, take what you dish out. W and J judge people all the fucking time. What do they especially W, expect in fucking return? All of this frigging bloody ‘don’t judge me’ mentality, really stinks and is a sucky attitude attitude to have.

I feel like my day has run quite smoothly. I’m happy to have had a productive day. I’m tired now, so I’m going to write for a while and then I’ll read until I go to sleep. I think my support worker is wonderful and I’ll be booking her in again, in two weeks. I’ll be buying new clothes. I’ll be going back to this fish and chips shop too. I love the people who work there, they treat everybody well and the place is always packed. There are breaks in crowds for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but lunchtime and dinner is very popular. I hate the take-away places in my suburb. The food is burnt or undercooked. At this popular fish place has really yummy fish, the chips are crunchy and very hot, and they sell hot cooked chickens too. Next time I go to the shops I’m buying some chicken. I love their hot chickens! I like going to the butcher there, they have lovely thick slabs of steak. Steak is my favourite meat second to chicken. Crumbed steak is at Number 1 with crumbed chicken. The blokes who work there are so funny too! I think this place is really relaxing, and even N, who has a lot of issues and gets upset easily, finds this shopping complex to be relaxing and a fun place to hang out. I feel like I’m escaping from reality. I’d go there every day if I could. Any escape away from these units and away from the neighbourhood crap is better than being stuck in the house. I came here to live peacefully, not to fucking beg for protection and sympathy when I’m in trouble from bloody pesky people. I like attention, but it’s nice to get attention is happier ways, like having a cup of coffee at the shops or hanging out with nice people. Protection is nice too, in a way. But not when it’s necessary for my safety because of bad neighbours.

I didn’t continue to write because I was falling asleep and so I read for a while before falling asleep for the night. I woke up once to get a drink but that was it. I woke up at six o’clock this morning and put the heater on. Nine degrees C! I’ve got the heater on 30 degrees at the moment, just until the house warms up properly. I’ll turn it down in a couple of minutes, to about 25 or 24. I’ll get my breakfast ready before the plumber comes over. When he sets up my water purifier I’ll check it out, then will drink a lot of water! I found out yesterday that some people can tolerate the tap water. Lucky them. I can’t tolerate it. I just drink for survival purposes. I’d prefer boiled water, but I’m not always near a kettle. So I can’t wait till I don’t have to endure drinking hardwater any more. It’s now nearly 7 am, so I’m off to eat breakfast and turn the heater down to maintain this cosy, warm atmosphere without it being too hot. So I’ll be back later to write more.

It’s nearly eight o’clock. Fifteen minutes to eight, to be precise. I’m giving the plumber until nine o’clock to get here and then I’m calling the company to find out what’s going on. I’m drinking a chocolate-style coffee while I write. There’s a few things to set straight here. I had to delete some comments on yesterday’s post. I didn’t like where the discussion was headed. I dislike people relaying messages from others. I don’t want messengers on my blog thank you. Sorry to offend, but if you can’t write to me and you need someone else to do it, please don’t write. I don’t want to hear what you think someone else said, or what you feel they may think of me. Please, just write or don’t say anything. What I can’t tolerate, and I never will, is when I defend myself right or wrong, think what you bloody will – if I defend myself when someone argues at me for writing something they didn’t like, don’t blame me for arguing. So if the scenario goes:

Person: I’m really pissed off and I could really smash someone right now!

Me: Oh true? Why are you shitty?

Person: Yeah, I’m sick of so-and-so bossing me around all the time!

Me: Well tell them to stop being so frigging nosy then!

Another person: Excuse me, but Person (1) doesn’t need your two cents! Butt out!

Me: Oh come on, I was just saying what I think because it’s how I see it.

Person (2): Well mind your business and stop arguing!

Me: Ah hang on… Person (1) started the conversation and I was just responding! I have a right to voice myself too.

And so forth, on it goes.

But this is an example scenario of an argument starting up and I happen to get blamed when I never meant for any shit, just a discussion for God’s sake. I just hate it so much when people think they have to jump in and shoot me down in flames for saying something… Wrong! Geeze, if I interjected a conversation like that, most people would tell me that this isn’t my discussion to get involved in. This is why, I’m of the opinion that people don’t really care about anyone but themselves. Not EÂERYBODY, just, most people. It’s all about me, myself, and I, to the expense of others. You get this drama everywhere. All I do is fucking voice myself like everyone else, and someone will tell me indirectly that I’m wrong! Well I know the commenter who attacked me yesterday never read my comments because one of their messengers did it for her. Oh well, now I’ve deleted some comments because by then, I was starting to get angry, and I don’t want to ruin my own blog lol! I’ve followed this person’s blog by the way. They may come across as harsh and aggressive at times, but then life sucks for them too. So you can hardly blame them. As for this other lady’s blog I don’t follow: I never once thought the blog isn’t a nice place. I’ve stopped following the blog because I dislike how she treats fellow bloggers in comments when she doesn’t see eye te eye with people. If you disagree with a comment, delete it! I’d say everyone has the right to their opinions, just don’t run people into the ground… But then we all say harsh things sometimes. I think it’s safe to say if someone wants to hear your thoughts about a subject, either don’t respond, or expect some people to take you wrong and just don’t respond to the harsh comments. I think it’s ridiculous that people have to jump up and down because they don’t feel comfortable with opinions they disagree with, yet they will voice their opinions no matter what. I’m sick of this drama. It’s time to talk about something else.

The plumber is here. He’s trying to turn my water off but there’s no separate tap to turn my water supply off. It’s ridiculous really. All I need is to have my water purifier installed. When I find out how the water is turned off here, I’m going to write it in my phone. The plumber also told me not to worry about the water purifier, it’s just a simple filter change every year. And if something goes wrong, I can just get someone to fix the filtration system and it will be fine. I agree that it’s ok to check the PH level of the water, but I’m just not going to worry about it. The plumber said I shouldn’t have any issues if I haven’t heard any complaints from other people who have water filters. My purifier is working fine so I had a massive drink and now I’m sun-bathing outside. I chitchatted to the neighbour for a while and now I’m just sitting here for a while. I’ll be walking to the shops soon. The plumber told me to use the water filter a few times today until I’m sure I’m satisfied with the taste of the water, so now it’s fine so I can walk to the shops and come home to an enjoyable massive drink again. I actually feel alive now. Like I’m finally able to get enough water and it’s not a chore to drink a cup of water any more. I’ve had enough of the sun so I came back inside. I put filtered water in the kettle earlier so I can have a cup of coffee later with pure water.

I’m going to put my phone on the charger for a while. I’ll walk to the shops and eat lunch and I’ll spend time at the library. I’ll come home and enjoy a good meal of chicken and salad and a large full cup of clean water. I hate how the water pressure is shit, but it’s how the building is set up apparently. So basically it can’t be fixed because it’ll cost thousands of dollars to fix. It took an hour for the purifier to be installed too. At least it’s done now. I can drink water without chlorine and dissolved mud in it. I don’t feel terrible when I swallow it so I find myself chugging it like I do with any other delicious beverage. If anyone is worried about drinking too much, well it doesn’t bother me. I eat plenty of food and a fair amount of salt so I’ll be fine. I just won’t wait till I feel thirsty to get a drink. I can just drink whenever I feel like it. I think diluting yourself with too much water is bullshit. You’d have to stuff yourself with big lots of water all at once to do that, and drink only water without a consistent eating schedule. Like seriously! Healthy people who eat good food regularly and don’t go hungry for too long or eat very little, can drink a lot of water and still be all right. My personal concern is getting sick and going on a drip from not enough water. That’s just as dangerous as drinking way too much, but drinking not enough water is extremely common and lots of people end up in hospital over it. But these days if we’re at risk of drinking too much, there’s different formulas we can add to our cups of water to suit every individual’s needs.


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  1. manyofus1980 Says:

    Glad you had a good day and your water filter is working out fine. enjoy it. xx

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