About to eat… And having a good morning

It’s freezing outside at the moment! 13 degrees! I’ve got the heater going, I need a warm house. I’m about to have a feed, but I don’t know what I want. I did a bit of reading this morning. I also decided that one of the blogs wasn’t worth keeping up with any more as some people who comment on that particular blog, are bullies. Yeah, they’d turn around and just say they were just stating their opinions, of course! Someone decided because they’d disagree with me, they’d try to push me into believing I’m wrong. The tone of the comment was nasty, so even if the person was just stating an opinion, it wasn’t done kindly. So I got rid of that blog because I won’t have people starting arguments and then blaming me for it. If anyone makes snide remarks or uses unkind tones in their comments here, they’ll be deleted before any fights start. I do appreciate the lovely comments so far! We all have our own opinions and ideas at the end of the day. The only thing I need to sort out now is getting a doctor who knows how to help people correctly, and my O and M lessons to get back on track. As it is today, I feel pretty good! I just needed to warm my unit up a little.


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