A fun outing!

My support worker will be here soon. I did a lot of reading, so I’ll write for the rest of the day. I have a lot of stuff to get off my chest today. For one, how can people say in a blog comment, that suicide is irrational, and yet the same person admits to feeling suicidal sometimes? I just can’t fathom it. And, what irks me is when people speak on someone else’s behalf when commenting. Ah, come on! I’m sure people can speak for themselves! Like, if someone says something I don’t like or agree with, I can speak for myself. I don’t need other people to help me bully someone into not voicing their mind. But that’s fine. All I will say is, people need to have a look at themselves before judging others. It’s even worse when people who don’t like being judged, coose to start judging! Look, if you want to judge me, do it in your own blogs. I know we all judge other people sometimes. But telling other people that they’re wrong is hypocracy. The comment that was made at me this morning about suicide being irrational was totally disgusting. It’s not that this blogger was entirely wrong. It was how she worded her comment that got me. Yet this person doesn’t like reading harsh comments. Well, she needs to stop being so aggressive if she wants respect from other people. This comment:

“Unfortunately feeling alone and suicidal doesn’t come with the ability to think rationally. Even though this friend may have done it as a cry for help instead of intending to die, it doesn’t make it any less serious. We all do shit, unreasonable things when we are desperate. Eileen is suggesting that Carol Anne sets a boundary, not tell this friend that she is a terrible person!”

probably was just this person putting their views across. But excuse me, I also have the right to say how I feel too, and this really made me feel, right or wrong, that I was being put down for saying what I said. The fact is, if this commenter can tell me that it’s not about making someone feel terrible, well she certainly acted the hypocrite by making me feel terrible! This is NOT the same as stating an opinion. Everyone reacts differently to suicidal people, so this person shouldn’t expect any differently from people who react to her. I’ve unfollowed this other blogger because she allows people to argue but doesn’t people defend themselves. I guess people have to paint a pretty picture when they do something wrong. It still doesn’t change the fact that someone reacted badly to my comment, but in this lady’s blogs, she wants everyone to stop judging her. I guess these two fellow bloggers didn’t like it when I showed them the mirror as it were. Ah well, moving on.

I had a great day today! I bought a a bottle of lemonaid and I also got my food processor. I told the Good Guys staff I’d be back for the TV because I need money for the plumber tomorrow. Then I got some underwear and went home. We talked about all sorts of things. Cultural differences, customs, how people live, this support worker’s favourite TV show where people have to survive in the wild for twenty-one days, and so on. I’ll be booking more time for a longer outing next time. I need to buy more clothes. I also need to keep away from the units as much as possible. I can’t wait to go to the library this arvo. Oh damn! I forgot to charge up the bloody battery pack! Oh well… I’ll think to do it later of course. Lol that depends on how much later haha! I also have to email my NDIS plan manager to get a copy of my plan. I’m very pissed off about it now. I’ve gotten nowhere with them! I’ll email them when I go to the library. I need to be away from the hose so I can’t be distracted at all.

I decided to get the email out of the way. I didn’t need to write a lot, just that I need a copy of the NDIS plan. I bet it’s gonna take another month just to get a copy of the plan because a million people are asking for the same thing I guess. Anyway, I’ve done my bit so I’ll give NDIS till next Monday morning before I give them a ring. I let the Guide Dogs admin team know so they won’t be too worried for the time being. I also decided to try pouring myself a cup of milk before making hot chocolate. That way I can just tip that milk into a big cup without wasting too much milk by accident. For a change I didn’t stuff up! I spilled a small amount of milk, but this is to be expected when I can’t see that I’m spilling something. I’ll be walking to the library soon to read for a couple of hours. Tomorrow morning I’ll get my water purifier installed and I’ll be set! In a couple of weeks I’ll order the saucepan set and I’ll ring Life Tech to order this stovetop gadget for holding pots and pans in place. I don’t know how good it’ll be, it’s strange how I can’t just do an online order without ringing them. Hopefully I get the right gadgets. That’s the trouble with ordering stuff without getting a feel of it first. You never know what you’re getting yourself into, until it’s too late. So I hope I’m not making a mistake. I suppose it’s a good thing I’ll be ringing this company to see what they’ve got to say.


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  1. tiostib Says:

    Hi, you might find the application, “Be My Eyes” helpful. This app connects sighted volunteers with visually impaired folks through video calls. Here’s the link-

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