My favourite recipe: lamb chops with scrambled eggs and vegies!


Lamb chops (amount to choose based on size of family)

Frozen peas and corn, about a cup, less if just cooking for yourself, more if you’re cooking for a bigger family

Approximately 4 eggs, less if just for one person or more for a bigger family

Other vegetables such as potato, pumpkin etc, choose amount for size of family.


1. Cook your lamb chops on medium heat in a frying pan for fifteen minutes on each side, ensuring the chops are laid as flat as possible in the pan.

2. Fry your onion and peas and corn after removing the chops. In the meantime, set your other vegetables in a saucepan/steamer to boil/steam them.

3. When Onions and peas and corn are softened, fry them for another 5-6 minutes.

4. Crack open your eggs and pour them from shells into the pan, and scramble on lower heat.

6. When you’re sure the eggs are done (approximately 6 minutes), gently pour your eggs and vegies over your plate or dish with the chops in it. Scrape everything off the pan.

7. When vegies are steamed/boiled (soft when stabbed with a fork), serve onto your chops.

8. Bonappetit!!!!!!!!!!!!


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