Dinner was yum

Well, yum is an understatement. The beef sausages I kooked were extremely delicious. I gave some potato bake and sausages to me and J. I’ll eat the other two sausages tomorrow. I like sausage on toast! I can’t decide whether I want it for breakfast or lunch. I guess it’s wait and see till morning. I’d love to order these stovetop gadgets which sit over the hotplates and you put the frying pan or saucepan into the holder and it slots in its place and won’t move around on the glass – the hotplates aren’t raised. But I have to set my other expenses straight first, so I’ve basically put myself on a little waiting list as it were. So after explaining all this to the occupational therapist, she pretty much made sure I can prepare food safely in the meantime and to just use a hotplate I’m already familiar with, for example the hotplate on the front left side of the stove. That way I know exactly where my pan is, so if it slips on the glass, I know how to set it back on the plate properly. Apparently I’m doing ok as it is, but I’d still benefit from using these stove gadgets. That’s right, but I need the bloody money to buy them! But I’m all good for now. So long as I can prepare a simple meal on the stove and I can buy chicken and salad and make wraps and sandwiches, as well as combining chicken and salads with other meals, I’ll be fine. Good news! The OT will be back on the 7th of September. Can’t wait to show her my new food processor yea!!!!!!!!!! I’m seriously dying to make a meal with evenly grated vegetables that are well hidden in it! Woohoo! I struggle to cut vegetables properly and I occasionally hurt myself, so the food processor will resolve this shitty issue of me getting hurt. I’m also going to check out another little gadget for slicing and chopping. If I just want to cook steak or sausages and onion, I can just use the manual slicer instead of the food processor. Man this is so exciting! I need to get this bloody water purifier installed too. I can’t see this happening too soon.

What I like about setting myself up with the appliances I’ve already got is that I don’t necessarily have to go out to eat. As much as I love going out, I love home-cooked meals if they’re cooked really well and have a lot of flavour and different ingredients. it’s a good money-saver to eat at home anyway. Yes restaurant food is lovely, but I’ve got a few good recipes under my belt now. I’m taking the advice of the OT; you basically try out a recipe to the letter, and if you don’t like it, modify or change it. Otherwise, failing that, look for another recipe in a cook book or on the Net. but yeah, I can pretty much feed myself on demand now, but this also means J and a few others must eat some of my food too. I suppose if it stops people from spending their own money on restaurant food… But I also have to buy the fucking stuff to cook too! Lol I’m totally blind and I can cook good food! Go figure. The OT puts it down to luck. Some blind people can do things, some cannot do the same things, whatever it may be. Vision does have something to do with it, but to a large degree it has to do with your other senses as well. I’m even wondering if Guide Dogs cooking classes will benefit me? I understand the concept of cooking but I still think I have a fair bit to learn. Look at the arguments me and J’s stepdad get into! I just insult him right back by saying that he could fry the mince a bit more, same with hot chips lol! After a few days we saô sorry and make sure we’re not too upset hahahahahaha! So I still think I need to learn a few things about cooking, as in the cooking process after you’ve prepared the food. I like going through what I already know so people can help me better when they see me struggling. I really feel that going out is just a treat now, not a necessity. I can easily go to the shops to have a hot or cold drink before buying the groceries. Then I can just have a restaurant meal once or twice a month. I don’t give a fuck about what medical people think, if they can’t accept that blind people can cook even if they stuff up sometimes, that’s their damn problem, not mine. So much for doctors don’t judge people. Yeah right! Yes they do fucking judge! Doctors are no better or more special than anyone else. I like cooking so suck eggs medical people! The risks I take when handling food and cooking are the same for everyone. So I don’t see what the problem is. I’m just so glad I’m not scared of cooking or preparing food any more.

Now that I’ve thought of it, I want to mention something that shits me right off. I get so fucking angry when people carry on at me like this. I can’t tolerate people who honestly believe that because I’m blind, suddenly I’m prone to more accidents, cooking and food preparation is more dangerous, all of a sudden I may get hurt if I go for a walk and I wouldn’t want that… And the list goes on. First, food prep. How the fuck is it more dangerous for me than for anyone else? Fair enough I can’t see what I’m doing and yeah, maybe there’s some aspects to every area of my life that heightens my risk of injuries and accidents. But generally speaking, I’m just as likely as any fool to get hurt or drop something or cause a fire. Geeze, I don’t know where people get the idea from that blindness causes us to hurt ourselves a lot more. Even the fact that people may even go as far as to say that sighted people hurt themselves a lot less because they can see. You could have fooled me! What a load of bullshit. I’m really clumsy at the best of times let alone in the kitchen, but plenty of sighted people fumble around as well, and drop things and spill food. Then exercise: Like, what the fuck! Anyone can get hurt during exercise. Blindness doesn’t make someone more brittle. I don’t need special protection. The wind isn’t going to blow me over. And I won’t break into pieces if I do fall over. And I won’t just LET myself fall over as much as I can possibly help it. I’m not a frigging child or an invalid. And I’m not so stupid either. I won’t get hurt just by walking around. I’m prone to accidents just like everyone else and I don’t need to be fussed over if I do slip up, at least not more than you’d fuss anybody after they’ve fallen over. And I don’t trip over specifically because I can’t see. If that were the case, I’d not be walking. I trip up because I can’t see what I’m about to bump into. There’s a big difference. Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t exercise. Why people assume I need to be bubble-wrapped or treated differently than a typical person, I don’t know. The only special treatment I really need is to be shown how to do things properly, and I need help to get familiarised to new situations. That’s all really. I know people may not have dealt with blind people and they don’t know what it’s like to be blind, but seriously some of this stuff I’ve discussed is common sense4 Please stop assuming I can’t do anything. Ask me about my capabilities and my capacity to do things. Presuming things about any VI/blind person is just plain rude and offensive and disrespectful.


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