Good and bad news

Well here’s the good news! My potato bake turned out yum! I did a lot of checking on it until I felt that the consistency was ok, then ate a couple of helpings! I put some cooked chicken over my first serving. I will definitely do potato bake again. I gave some to my friend and she loved it too. Next time I’m doing chicken. I like my chicken to be well cooked. Now for the bad news. I somehow wrecked my ice-maker. It worked for a while, then a mechanism got stuck while it was making ice and I can’t get it working. Every time I turn it all the way off, then back on. The machine takes water and drops it back into the basket and when it tries to start the ice-making process, it makes a strange noise like something isn’t able to move, then a continuous beep noise, then the machine shuts off. I find that very very weird! If I can’t get it working myself tonight, I’m gonna get a maintenance person to take it away to fix it. I bloody hope it isn’t broken! It’s brand new. It was working perfectly for half an hour.

I’ve made a decision about medical care. The next time I go to the doctors to say that I’m ok to do more training with Guide Dogs, I’ll let the doctors know that I’m not going to take prescription medicine so they’re wasting time writing out scripts that I won’t fill at the chemist. They will be going in the bin. I’d rather deal with moderate pain, and for severe pain, I’d like to die thank you. Same with vomiting. Next time I have severe vomiting, I will not treat it, I will simply die. I can live with mild to moderate issues. As soon as they become severe, goodbye. There you have it. For now, I’m enjoying my life.

I think the OT does a wonderful job of helping me. I’m very tired now after my big day. People think it’s easy being blind. People have no idea how tiring it is to do simple things like use an oven. Sighted people can just look here and glance there. I can’t do that. I’m forever exploring everything with my hands. Learning how to do tasks properly is really draining on anyone who can’t see. I at least know what I’m doing now, so next time I make potato bake, I won’t lose a lot of energy on just learning something. I know how I like my potato bake, so I may even get it cooked a lot faster next time. The OT read a recipe where you boil the potatoes first before layering them in the tray. I’ll try that next time. I just thought that baking without boiling would be easier because my motto is: the less dishes the better. But if cooking it on a higher heat for less time doesn’t work, that’s just what I’ll have to do. And, we experimented with baking without fan-force. I personally prefer it because the heat gets to the food quicker. I just don’t want to burn the food, so I’ll see how I go. I’m not too terrified of using the oven any more and I took the tray out and put it back in so many times, so I’m getting the feel of using the oven heaps better. I’ll test out leaving the tray uncovered too, just to see if the ingredients thicken up a lot faster. Covering with foil is good but sometimes I don’t know if tin foil makes food take longer to cook.

Would you believe it, I got my ice machine working again! I’m gonna make a lot of ice now. Once again the OT came through with some good advice, and I somehow managed to fix the fucking thing! Wow man! The only sucky thing about this machine is, I have to drain it and clean it every time I’ve finished with it. Apart from that it’s awesome. I’ll be tipping ice into a container for the freezer, that way I don’t have to make a lot of ice all the time unless it’s boiling hot and I may choose to leave it on all day. At least I’ve got the machine set up and working like a pro now and I can eat ice whenever I feel like it.

Well I’m glad today worked out. I feel terrible for the people who help the VI community because of people like me who simply react on the spur of the moment. High fear factor is what it is. I’m not so fearful now! I’ll make another potato bake next week, I’ll basically find a recipe I like and modify it to suit me. Now I can’t wait to get my food processor. Me and the OT are gonna have a look at it. I still may end up buying a separate gadget for chopping vegies if I’m not going to use much food. For example, if I just want sliced onion and sweet potato for a simple dish, I don’t need the electric food processor just for one or two vegies. But if I want something to serve more than two people, or it needs to last for a while in my freezer, I’ll use the electric food processor. Almost EVERY DAY, that is!!!!!!! I guess I won’t have much opportunity to die lol I’ll be eating too much good food! Good news for the doctors, they won’t have to deal with me. The only psychiatric care I can tolerate is very good food and exercising a lot – mainly walking, but eventually I want to get into swimming.


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