Voice-over crash

I was attempting to write a blog at the shopping centre earlier, but breakfast was brought to me while I was at Jamaica Blue, so I had to stop writing. I had a lovely feed, then did my shopping. The shop assistants are really nice people. I came home, chitchatted to friends over hot chocolate, and now I can finally do my blog. I’ll be doing nothing for the rest of the day. Cooking assistance for two hours, then sports for an hour. I can’t do pan-fried chicken, so that’s something I’ll get the OT to show me. When she has finally taught me enough cooking options, I’ll ring NDIA and provide evidence of learning to cook, then I’ll get a review and that will be it. If the Government knows that the occupational therapist has taught me how to prepare and cook food safely, they’ll happily take cooking assistance away. I’ll wait till I’ve spoken to the OT, then I’ll cancel cooking assistance. I like it when people help me cook, but I also like to help myself as much as I can.

Voice-over crashed on me twice last night. I can’t use any of my apps like YouTube or WordPress to read blogs and video comments anymore. I litterally have to do everything via email or Safari. Otherwise whenever I come across blogs and YouTube comments with a lot of graphics and symbols, voice-over stalls so that my phone still makes typical noises when I swipe the screen, but voice-over stops speaking, kind of like muting itself. It won’t come back to normal for like half an hour no matter what I do. I’ve tried rebooting the phone, turning voice-over on and off, I’ve gotten sighted people to turn it off and then back on in the settings, etc. But voice-over doesn’t start talking to me until it’s ready. It always takes twenty minutes for it to come out of a crash. So I have to use Safari to read blogs and use WordPress to write blogs and edit posts. It handles text blogs ok, it just doesn’t handle symbols and graphics in posts for some weird reason. Same with YouTube and Twitter. But, if I don’t use the apps and I go through Safari to read the same posts and comments with graphics and symbols in them, voice-over doesn’t crash at all. Very very weird! I hope Apple brings out a new update soon, it’s a long time coming. I’ll just keep mucking around with my phone until Apple gets sick of the crash reports lol! Before iOS 11, voice-over was perfect. Now I fucking have to use Safari just to read and interact with WordPress posts, and YouTube and Twitter. I know app developers get the blame, but it’s Apple’s fault, they make voice-over products so Apple shouldn’t force app developers to carry the responsiblility of fixing voice-over bugs since the app developers don’t create voice-over for smart phones.

I’ve just managed to change my email settings so I won’t receive any more emails from WordPress. I can use Safari to read blogs after I check WordPress notifications. I can read text-only blogs in the app and if I think any posts may cause voice-over to freeze, I’ll just use safari. It really sucks that I have to muck around like that just to keep voice-over working properly. But I also don’t want my email inbox to clog up either. I prefer to read blogs directly from the sites. Hopefully voice-over won’t cause more fucking crap for me, I hat Apple sometimes. They really need to get their shit together! On that note I’m sitting at the dining table relaxing. Some people seem to think I’m fucking indespensible too. Well I’m not friggin’ Super Woman! And the friggin’ shit that one of my friends goes on with about not being allowed to have ‘too much’ water, Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!! She drinks too little water, then gets disoriented and confused until I gently convince her to drink more fluids by giving her tea and/or hot chocolate! It takes her half an hour to make sense of what I’m saying to her, and the same length of time to talk sensibly herself. She really needs supportive care. Nobody can drink excessively, but this lady takes it litterally and makes herself sick thinking that drinking more than one glass of water a day will drown her. She frightens me and sometimes I be cruel to be kind to save her from going to hospital because I care about her. I never boss people into doing anything they don’t want or like, but when it’s life-threatening, then yes I do force the issue. I don’t care how much people attack me, I just remind myself that dehydration and Diabetes causes it so I just keep giving the person flavour”red drinks until they’re back to normal. Then I leave them be. I’m going to let management know because drinking enough is a must, not an option. To make things more complicated, the lady has intelectual disabilities, so she doesn’t process information correctly so it takes a lot of cajoling and talking to her to make her come to her senses. And after she gets over fighting with me, she has totally forgotten what happened. She’s very lovely but has a string of medical issues so even if she’s nasty and aggressive, she doesn’t realise it at that point. I litterally have to keep talking to her until she calms down, and then doesn’t even know what happened, poor girl. She’s fine now though. I’m going to entice her to have another drink this arvo. She gets angry at me for bossing her around, but in reality she doesn’t like when anybody pushes fluids when she gets dehydrated. She doesn’t feel thirst. I know what it’s like, I had the same trouble last year so I’m stopping her from making the same mistake because getting an IV for dehydration won’t fix the situation for her because of her medical problems. She needs to be forced to drink before she gets severe dehydration, and as much as I hate it when she blames me for doing something wrong, I ignore her and keep distracting her until she comes back to normal. She’s never going to change so I’m never going to just let her deteriorate while she’s at my place. If she is at home and something happens, that’s Blue Care’s responsibility to deal with her. If something happens here, I deal with K while she’s having mild episodes. But if she deteriorates, I tell someone whether she likes it or not. We still get along most of the time so I know she only dislikes me for a little while, until she works out that I only get onto her if she’s dehydrated. All I do with her drinks is dilute them down in a sneaky way and underestimate how much water she’s getting so she won’t waste it. She is her own person, but K does have a serious medical disability can kill her if she’s not monitored closely. And she gets aggressive sometimes, but it’s hard for people to process the fact that if you give into K when she shouts and has tantrums, you’re basically asking for issues that K knows she may develop, but doesn’t understand the mechanisms for such complication risks e.g, dehydration, malnutrition, etc.

I’ve just spoken to Centacare management. I had a discussion with her about how I won’t need cooking assistance every month any more because my OT is helping me. Wow I’m so damned happy. The manager is allowing for cooking assistance for times of drastic need such as accidents and severe illness, but other than that, I’m fine yea! Good! I’m letting Guide Dogs know about this! Wow they’re gonna be so happy that the occupational therapy does help VI people! Now that I’ve got the chicken out of the freezer, I may end up baking it in the oven later. I want steamed vegies as well so I’m going to give it a go. I use non-stick cooking spray so I’m going to make an attempt at turning the chicken over with tongs and a fork, and if it works out, it does and it’s all good. If not, add this to my OT plan. Man I can’t wait to tell Guide Dogs! So there we go guys! I’ve juspoken to Guide Dogs, they’re updated on my situation with Centacare. Yep! My independence is coming along wow! FUCK YEAH! So that means I can get more O and M lessons yeeeeeheeeee! Good! I’m walking back to the shops soon! I want to go to the library. Yep, then I’ll be cooking dinner when I get home! Holy crap I’m freaking elated now. I let the Centacare manager know that I get out a lot now so she’s happy that I don’t need the other outing program, and I also told her how much I appreciated the help and support while I needed it. I go out nearly every day and I socialise all the time so manage to get a lot more exercise so when I’m at home I can relax more.


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