A reasonably good outing

I woke up late today. I had toast with a cup of coffee and some multi-vitamins. Me and Stacey went into the city on the train. I didn’t really like the trip much, I didn’t get time to relax and I’m not used to getting around on the trains after so many years of not using the train network. I couldn’t just sit back and play with my phone, an in the city, we walked around and had lunch but I didn’t get to relax and go into shops or anything like that because I was too busy listening to all the city bustle and exploring my surroundings out on the mall. So I found it hectic rather than relaxing, until we sat down for nearly two hours over lunch. I had a burger and chips and a small bottle of lemonaide. The only time I relaxed was when we sat down to lunch. I just couldn’t enjoy myself much. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just that when I sense excitement or stress and I’m not used to such environments, I simply can’t relax properly.

It’s now 1:33 am and I still haven’t gone off to sleep. Once again, dinner was delightful! Roast chook with vegies was a hit. I put some meals in the freezer and will have some stirfry from the other night with tonight’s meal probably for lunch when I get home from the shops tomorrow. I can never just stay home for one day even if I know I need a break from going out every day. I know I don’t have to eat out though, I have food in the fridge. I was talking to staff at Coles yesterday, I’m going to train my new guide dog how to find grocery items. This is gonna be fucking amazing! I’ll see how I go teaching the dog but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just forget about it. But I’m really hoping that I can get my dog to help me shop! Wow! I know it’ll take a long time, but I just want to do a trial and see what happens. If it works out, I’ll be able to do my own shopping. Yeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!!!!! This will definitely be increased independence for me! I had Troy help me find lost items at home mainly, so I’m going to take this another step further and see if I can teach my new dog how to find groceries for me. I think most dogs can be taught to do anything if you put enough time and patience in to them.

It’s now 3:15 pm on Monday afternoon. I didn’t get to finish my entry last night because I was falling asleep and me and Stacey kept talking. When I’ve got guests over, I get far too distracted to write. Maybe I should have done an audio recording instead, but I couldn’t be bothered. I’m just not up for doing audio recordings of late. I’m sure eventually I’ll get back into the audiography game, but for now I’ll keep writing because besides audio stuff, writing is my favourite passtime. I’m not exactly into writing a book, although technically this blog site can be counted as a book, but I am into writing about my daily happenings and struggles, and whatever else comes to mind. I like jotting my thoughts down for my own benefit, and for others to read if they’d like. Like I said many a time and ö’ll say it again: I don’t expect anyone to read my blog. I have no problem with people reading/listening, to my posts (refer to my YouTube channel), people don’t have to do anything let alone read my blog. But since I like writing so much, I figure that letting people read my journal is a good thing both for me and for them. If I really didn’t want people to read my writing, I wouldn’t make it public. In the past, some people have complained about my writing. Well, if someone doesn’t want to see what I write, then don’t read it! I don’t have to stop writing because a few folks don’t want to read apparently negative or offensive content. Ok, so if you’re offended, then find another blog site, and don’t tell me to write about different topics. At the end of the day, this blog site is about me, and as much as I love to entertain other people, I can’t please everybody and what you see is what you get here. Sorry if some of my posts appear nasty or harsh, but I’m writing my opinions and writing about reality the way I see it, whether anyone likes it or not. Obviously if people want to hear more about certain areas of my life, like how I deal with discrimination, O and M training, etc etc, then yes, I can write about it because I can get a lot of things off my chest and I can interest other people because readers need something worthwhile to think about. Life can’t be all doom and gloom lol! But I guess I can give pre-warnings, like skip this post if you find this upsetting, or what I’m about to say isn’t very uplifting, so read at your own risk, things like that. This way, people have a chance to avoid things they really aren’t ready to think about/accept/read about, at the time. Fair enough! But at the same time, I’m going to write what’s on my mind, this is why I’ve created this blog in the first place. It’s both for my own theraputic benefit, and to entertain others. But what really offends me is people telling me to stop writing about this, stop writing about that, stop using swear words. Look guys, I know everyone can see what I’ve written except when I privatise posts. But my point is that you don’t have to read what offends you. But I won’t tolerate anyone getting up me for writing. Either skip the posts you don’t like or find another blog you may be more interested in.

I’m going to spend the night reading blogs. I could read them all day and not notice the time flying by. Tomorrow… Well I have no idea what I’ll get up to. I have cooking assistance in the afternoon and I really have no idea when I’ll get more O and M lessons. When I’ve got the hairdresser route down pat, I’ll be doing a lot of lessons with the train network. I struggle to rush on and off trains when I’m with Stacey. It’s gonna take a while to get used to the trains. After I finally get a hang of train travel, I’ll be learning travel to and from the RSL, the walk to and from the butcher’s shop, and eventually travel to and from a swimming pool, whichever one will be the easiest to get around. Then……… Drumroll………..


Of course I’ll still be doing O and M training in the meantime, I’ll have enough travel routes for me to be accepted onto the waiting list. Wow man! I’m definitely getting somewhere with my life now. Anyway, I’m about to leave the shops now, so I’ll finish this blog when I get home.

It’s a bit after five pm and I’m coming to you live from my balcony. I just finished the last of my chicken stirfry. The birds are chirping loud and clear. Dogs are barking, the environment is peaceful and I’m having a fantastic night. I had a coffee at the shops and the place was fairly packed. I enjoyed the walk home and dished out some food to a couple of people. Now I’m drinking a big cup of water and relaxing. It was lovely having Stacey over, but now that she’s home, I can enjoy some quiet time to myself while I sit outside while the weather isn’t too cold. Tomorrow I’ll walk to the shops again, and hopefully I can walk home. I don’t plan to buy a lot of groceries. Next week I’m buying stuff for making potato bake. I’ll also be telling Centacare and NDIA that my OT has taught me enough about how to handle myself in the kitchen, that I won’t need cooking assistance an more. I feel that this is really great news! I knew someone would be able to set me up for doing my own thing in the kitchen, but not exactly how anyone could do this. But now that GDQ is back in the picture, well… Things are going in the right direction. I still need help with house-cleaning and some community support stuff like going to places I can’t get to, things like that really, and the O and M program with Guide Dogs. I’m just so happy that I no longer need cooking assistance. I’ve been lectured over and over about how to handle raw and cooked meat safely, so now I’m certain that I’m not harming myself when I prepare and cook food. I’m the same with vegetables. I cook them in such a way that I won’t be poisoned or develop kidney stones or other complications because I eat so many vegies all the time; the more vegetables you eat, the higher the risk for getting sick if some of the food isn’t cooked enough. I won’t cook or eat eggplant, but I’m sure some of my favourite vegie dishes would contain cyonide, so I simply cook all vegies really well except if it’s carrot, broccoli or cellery. I still cook those as well as possible for texture and flavour, but if it’s a little crispy, I don’t worry about it. So yeah, the fact that I can now cook independently is freaking wonderful! I suppose I’ll have to get a letter from Guide Dogs when I ring them tomorrow. Then I’ll have to explain my situation to Centacare. Then I’ll find a support worker from somewhere who can take me out each week for five hours. There’s no point in getting funding when it won’t be used for anything.


One Response to “A reasonably good outing”

  1. manyofus1980 Says:

    hi michelle! that’s great news that you now can cook alone! well done! I hope you’ll be matched soon with a dog, I know waiting lists can be long, but hoping that it wont be too long! I think regarding writing, write how you like, and what you feel comfortable sharing! I for one love your blog! I will read and comment when I can! xo


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