5 August, 2018 01:24

I decided to sleep in. I had a really good sleep this time. I then decided to have a good drink of water before walking to the shops so I could think of what to write while I got a bit of exercise. For those who get writer’s block, exercise really does help believe it or not! Now that I’m actually sitting at the bakery/coffee shop, I’m getting distracted by hearing other people talking, being attentive to shop assistants bringing my food and drink over, and Braille Screen Input playing up on me. Come on Apple, when you do your updates, please fix the damned issues with the software too! Oh well, at least I’m able to keep writing. And I’m in no hurry to finish my coffee, and I’m having a drag along breakfast. Stacey may be coming over today, so I may as well sit around here so it’s easier for me to walk to the crossing point near the train station without feeling rushed. I’ll get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner and I’ll come home and snack on leftover food, etc. I seriously have to work out how to set up my freezer so I can’t accidentally get the wrong food out. I honestly couldn’t find the mince yesterday, but today I found a freezer bag on the top shelf near the back of the freezer. I have the fridge/freezer type, where the freezer is on top of the fridge. So anyway, I think I finally found the mince, I hope it’s not something else, but I’m fairly sure it’s the bloody illusive pack of mince! If it is, tomorrow I’m making rissoles. I’ve been dying to make them for weeks now. I’m going to pray that Coles has diced chicken today because I hate cutting raw meat! When I buy food from the butcher next time, I’m gonna start dividing meat into freezer bags because some of their packaged products are cut into different sizes or segments, for different purposes, such large slabs of beef steak for eating with vegies and smaller pieces of steak for burgers and sandwiches. It sucks really, because really, when I want crumbed steak to go with vegetables, sometimes I actually don’t want minute steaks. I’d much prefer thick slabs of meat in the first place. I’ll be sorting this out when I go to the butcher next week. I think the online ordering system is brilliant though. The site plays up a little with screen-readers, but overall the site is fairly accessible and it’s easy enough to pay for your meat order before going to pick it up. Otherwise, you simply go to the shop to ask them what they’ve got in at the time, then let them know what you want and how you want it prepared. The only meat I’ll get from Coles now, is cooked roast chicken, sliced meat and some prepared cuts of meat such as roasts and flavoured meat like marinated packaged meat. With that said, I still think butcher’s meat is a lot fresher whether packaged or bagged ready for immediate use. That is, meat which you buy per kilogram rather than pre-packed. Still, if I’m at Coles, I know which meat to keep away from if ever I have to buy something when I’m not near a butcher’s shop. Pickled pork is always delicious, I think I’ll buy one next week and roast it.

11349 am: Now I’m at home. I got my shopping out of the road and will be making a steak sandwich soon. And I’ve just realised that the fresh meat that I put in a container to cook today, has to be chucked out. It has a 24-hour expiry. That sucks, I will be dividing trays of meat next time. I hate wasting expensive meat that I could have cooked yesterday but didn’t get time to cook it. Bugger! Damn! At least I have one piece of cooked steak that I can eat. I have to use the mince tomorrow though. I can’t wait to make the rissoles. I also managed to upload one blog to my YouTube channel but of course people were talking and I was caught up in conversations so I had to forget about a second upload that I was waiting for it to go up on the Tube, but oh well whatever! It seems that these days I can’t do what I want to do. It’s never about me, always about them. What about me? Just because I love entertaining people doesn’t mean my life is all about everyone else. Right or wrong, I wish people would give me some space to myself sometimes. It’s more the fact that I let people come over because that’s my decision to let them come around. But later, other people who I don’t expect to rock up, comes over, then more people. So each person or groups of people don’t know that I’ve already had visitors. So what I’m basically trying to say is, I like when Stacey comes over. But tomorrow, somone else will come around, not knowing I’ve got a visitor. But I can’t be rude and send them away, as much as I’d like to. The next day, J wants to come around, then let’s call her K, wants to come around! See what I mean? If I make plans for people to come over, different story. But half the visitors aren’t planned invitations. Yet I still can’t be rude.

2:01 pm: I’m waiting for Stacey. I ate crumbed steak for lunch. The weather is hot, so i drank a tonne before walking to the train station. I met a VI guy with his new guide dog along the way, had a quick chitchat and kept walking. They’re doing well. I’ll be back later, Stacey is here.

It’s now a quarter past seven at night and I still haven’t sent this entry. I did cook chicken stirfry tonight and it was wonderful. The rice was delicious too, so I ate heaps of it. I knew I should have cooked more rice to mix into the stirfry, but oh well, I can always cook another batch of rice tomorrow. I’ll be having stirfry for breaky and rissoles tomorrow night, so I’m going to cook rice in the morning and eat some of it with breakfast, and pack the rest of it away for dinner. I’m just so frigging glad I’ve started cooking independently again and I enjoy it! I never thought I’d come to love cooking, but seriously I have, and I’m glad for it. Next week I’ll be doing lamb chops and vegies. The week after, potato bake. I’m hoping that eventually I won’t need assistance with cooking at all. I like to be able to do things independently. Actually, if If I could do a lot more outings independently, I’d not need carer support again.


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  1. manyofus1980 Says:

    hi. nice to meet you. im carol anne. im also blind. I have dissociative identity disorder and complex ptsd. I don’t know if you know what dissociative identity disorder is? it used to be mpd or multiple personality disorder. i’m 38. I am from Ireland. nice that you had a good day. xxx


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