Dinner with friends, and busy day tomorrow

I woke up feeling like crap this morning. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I slept from a bit after 2 am to like, maybe seven-thirty. So I lay on the couch for a few hours and finally got a taxi to the shops. I went to the chemist and got some olive leaf extract losengers. You can get different flavours. I also got some Lemsip Max which I took when I got home. J, the bloke who really pisses me off sometimes, insisted on buying all the groceries today. Yeah, he needs carer support big time. But that’s a different story. I had a pie and hot chocolate for lunch before getting the shopping done. Came home, had my Lemsip and rested for an hour to edit my blog and make some audio recordings, then I felt ok so I got moving and cleaned up in the kitchen and started cooking. Sadly, I couldn’t find the mince in the freezer to make rissoles. I accidentally got diced chicken instead. So I whipped up a chicken stirfry, which thankfully I can do very well now! Then I took sausages from the freezer and trays of steaks from the fridge. I cooked a great big meal for me and two other people. I’m going to pack my stirfry away in the freezer tomorrow. Anyway, I made a big meal of steak and sausages with vegies which took almost three hours to prepare. I gave sausages to another lady friend too because I cooked lots of them just for fun, and for cooking practice so the occupational therapist can continue to teach me different kitchen hacks. She will also help me with other things, like marking my new toaster with tactile puff-paint markings, and putting some kind of identifier on pairs of socks, etc. Dinner turned out wonderful and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! Next week I’m cooking lamb chops with pumpkin and broccoli. Me and my lady friend who lives in the units here, we’ll have a good meal on Thursday night. Tomorrow night me and Stacey are having chicken stirfry. I don’t know what we’ll have for lunch, or even if we will eat lunch. We’ll be sitting around listening to music and chitchatting. I want to fit in some reading too, both Braille books and blogs.

I was flicking through my posts today and I found a whole lot of missing time gaps, such as posts being written months apart. I had to delete a whole heap of audio posts which made up the bulk of some monthly post archives, becauise I don’t use Audioboom any more and I don’t have an Audioboom account, which makes for a lot of dead links with no audio content. So after I cleaned up my blog, there wasn’t much in the way of written posts about Troy’s retirement and getting birds and such. I did mention stuff about Troy and the birds, but there was a lot of things I didn’t write down because I was making audio blogs when I had my Audioboom account. Now I use YouTube so I shouldn’t have difficulties with keeping audio blogs. So yeah, I haven’t got a lot of memories of Troy in my blog since his retirement. Or my birds which I couldn’t look after successfully, until the canary came into the picture. But sadly Whisky died one day after going to live with my support worker. A bird attacked him through the bars of his cage. Poor canary, Whisky was the best bird I had, and ironically he wasn’t tamed, yet somehow we still got along well most of the time. The budgies stayed with people a pet shop lady knew, and another hand-reared budgie stayed with this pet shop lady when she developed a biting habit which is natural for most female budgies. She became aggressive though, and she wouldn’t become friendly. Birds are cute and all, but I think I’ll stick to looking after dogs. Most dogs are a lot friendlier and are much more trainable.

Talking of irony, when Troy was re-homed, this pet shop lady knew of a lady who fosters dogs. Funilly enough I also know the same lady lol! Wow, everything works out doesn’t it? I hated to get rid of Troy just because of some heartless fucking no-pets policy which bars any kind of animals including fish. But I’m a lot happier now that I know I can visit Troy again. Still, it would have been better if I’d kept Troy. I’m just so glad Troy didn’t go to someone who didn’t know me or him. God know what may have happened! At least with people I know, I know them well enough to judge how well Troy will cope with living with that person. I was panicking for months about him. I can’t wait to go to Cairns now. The good thing about Troy’s retirement was that he didn’t react or anything, and I didn’t feel as sad as I expect to be, because I figured that Troy was getting older and dogs can’t work for ever. Plus he was still very healthy and he needs to enjoy his life as a pet dog while he’s still fit and well. He’s still living the high life today and I couldn’t have hoped for anything better! Troy could have worked well for another year but Guide Dogs ends dogs’ careers as soon as they turn ten for safety and health reasons. Now That I know Troy is well and happy, I really hope the budgies are ok too. I was going to ring this pet shop to as k about the budgies, but I never seem to get around to it. I don’t reckon I’d tolerate rehoming another guide dog though. I thought it was horrible to retire Troy let alone have to rehome him. And that was over a fucking no-pets clause. In my opinion retired service dogs shouldn’t be included in no-pets policies. I think any management of any property estate who refuses to allow retired service dogs into rental units is heartless because they know that most retired service animals are lovely companions. I don’t care what anyone says, people have the right to make decisions regarding their retired service dogs. If people aren’t feeding the dog or paying for its vet bills, then they really have no business bossing the dog’s owner around and deciding what’s best for them and their dog. Some people are such bloody busy-bodies.


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