Well here we go. Another day, and almost the end of another week! Thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channel Tori, I like it when people subscribe lol! I also love the entertainment of audio blogging, this way I can choose if I wish to write or speak and/or do audio recordings of whatever I might be up to at the time. I did a vlog which is basically an audio blog, a few minutes ago if you want to see it. Like I said a few times, I can’t see to take photos and video, so I simply upload an audio file to Youtube instead of an actual video. It is technically a video, but really, without footage it’s just audio. Either way, I do the best I can with my blog and my YouTube channel. Considering that I can’t see to take pictures, I can only rely on writing and audio, and tactile input from the real world. Some bloggers allow friends and other guests to post photos and such, but I don’t know people yet who have the time to do such things for me, and I’m not particularly desperate. I figure that so long as I be as entertaining as possible, I should be right. And sorry for those who must see some type of picture in a video recording, I physically cannot do video recordings very well so it’d be a waste of time for me to try. I simply convert M4A files into video format so they can be viewed or rather listened to, on YouTube. The only way for me to explain it is, remind yourselves that what you experience with my audio blogs, is what I experience all day and all night, every day of the year.

So today I’m going to my now apparently favourite butcher’s shop! This is gonna be fucking great! The taxi is picking me up this afternoon and after that, me and J are going to the shops. J’s bitch girlfriend V still isn’t in my life, I can’t understand how J stays with her. She’s nothing but a demanding, whining moll. At least me and J have some semblance of a friendship, so I still don’t have to deal with bitch-freak V. I know I shouldn’t be so nasty, but V is nasty to everybody, and I don’t like hanging around her with her overly negative attitude and demanding, hard-done-by personality. Ah well, I’ll be having a good afternoon walking around in the shopping centre, so yeah, it’s all good. The other thing I need to sort out is one of my blog sites. I accidentally unfollowed the wrong blog. I clicked on Unfollow, thinking it was a website I didn’t want to follow any more only to realise it was another site. So I finally unfollowed the site I didn’t want, and now I’m trying to find the site that I deleted so I can re-follow it. Damn it! I hope I find this site soon. If anyone can tell me, please do. I didn’t mean to unfollow you.

The other thing I want to discuss is how people view mobility aides for the blind. Warning: very very long. So, I know I’ve talked about my guide dog Troy who is now retired, many times. So today I want to talk about my white cane. I’ll probably mention my dog and guide dogs in general somewhere in my rant, for reference and for relevance to my arguments because of how ignorant some people are. Ok, so let’s have it. First I’d like to stress that my cane isn’t a walking stick, or a support cane! People, a white cane helps with navigating the environment, not with balance and physical mobility. All my cane does is allow me to walk around without banging into things or tripping on stairs and uneven terrain. For example, my cane will go over a step or bump in the ground before I do, giving me time to stop and explore my surroundings before moving on. If I had difficulty with walking or physical movement, my white cane will not improve the situation! I would need a different type of cane, which I’d be able to use for balance and very slowly getting around. It would be a totally different set-up and I would need to hold the frame with both hands, etc. A support cane without a frame would be a lot thicker in structure, and would effectively act as a crutch for blind people. I don’t have difficulty with movement or walking, so I neither need a support cane or AFrame type of walking device either.

Secondly, my cane doesn’t have visual capability. Nor do my hands, by the way. My eyes are fucked, I will never see, with or without glasses, or with any other mobility device. People, my eye, the only natural one, is degenerative. Which in lay terms means, it’s incurable and my eye is slowly dying. Yes it may be upsetting, but bullying me and punishing me isn’t going to make me see. Would you want me to tell you off for not getting out of your wheelchair, or not speaking properly, or for not hearing me? No? Well, nor do I want to be told off for ‘not looking’ at what’s around me. Guys, I’m blind and as sad as it is for you, hurting me physically and emotionally isn’t helpful. All you’re doing is showing me how horrible you are. Obviously most people are nice, but there are some subhuman scum in the world. I can understand people having a hard time coming to grips with how blind people live, but being deliberately malicious to them won’t help anyone.

The other thing that happens when I’m walking with my cane, and similarly when Troy was working, was people stepping in front of me. Once again, it comes back to them not accepting reality for what it was, and simply not giving a hoot and blaming me for bumping into them because they’re too selfish to recognise that disabilities do exist. Such people need to grow up and get back to the real world. Hey, I know that at least most people care about me. And I know I’m not the only one who’s blind. I’m just sick of the bullshit with the minority of people who delight in spoiling life for the rest of us. My guide dog had a hard time working because of how much he got distracted by ignorant shits who cared more about personal gratification than my dog’s and my safety. One day some selfish folks are gonna know what blindness is like and freak out. Oh well. They should maybe have a look at themselves before judging other people who have disabilities because if these same idiots become disabled, they’ll be jumping up and down for sympathy. Some people don’t even recognise a white cane. Especially Asians – sorry guys, just telling the truth. I use my white cane and the smallest percentage of people don’t even see a cane. Well, I don’t recognise the existance of some people either! Hahahahaha only joking! Lol but yeah, I get the cranks with some people. Maybe that’s why my O and M instructor makes me walk to the shops all the time, most people do come around when I go to the same places regularly. Anyone who chooses to continue to be ugly bastards can nick off. Luckily for me, the truly bad apples are one in two hundred. Which basically says a lot about most people, because I’m sure that a crowd would gather around me to stop me from getting hurt. Still, society has a long way to go when it comes to awareness of vision impairment and blindness.


4 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. tiostib Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s good for me to hear about how other blind people are interacting with the world as I rarely cross paths with blind folks in my simple existence. Best wishes!

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