Awesome afternoon

I’m at home from the butcher. I sat here for half an hour editing my blog before deciding to write. I haven’t even bothered to get a feed ready. I guess my site is taking over my life. I did some more audio recordings which I’ll upload tomorrow. I definitely think the butcher’s shop is the right one. I went in and my order was waiting for me, so I was in there for less than two minutes. Fucking awesome! The taxi driver was happy! I’ll be going back there next week. Wow I can’t wait! I really like their meat. I wanted to make risoles this week but the sad news is that I have to eat fish curry and other meals from my freezer first. So I’m gonna take forever to get around to making them. I have to buy vegies tomorrow for tomorrow night’s dinner, and God only knows how I’ll fit more food into the fridge on Saturday! I consider meals to be fresh for two days, then they go in the bin. I really hope I don’t accidentally overload the fridge and waste a tonne of food. That would really make me livid. I have my own routine set up with eating whenever I feel like it so it’s very easy for me to overload the fridge when I invite people over for meals. I hope I get through most of my curry today and tomorrow. I also want my persistent cough to go away. I get sick two or three times a year, so my coughing gets worse for ages. My throat is fucking stupid.

Yesterday I had Stacey over for a visit. Then we went to the shops to get a drink while she was waiting for a train. I said a quick hi to a guide dog trainer too. Then that was pretty much it. I wouldn’t have made slow cooker fish curry if I didn’t have raw fish in the fridge. So now I won’t be packing my freezer for nearly a month. I’m not doing anything for the rest of today, and not much is on for tomorrow. I’m going to the shops first thing in the morning. I just want to get what I need and come home. I really need a break from going out for a week. J is more interested in V’s company and he obviously only cares about her because when she’s around, he doesn’t associate with anyone else, only her. So I’m going to politely disassociate from him without actually saying anything. I’ll effectively vanish from the picture without rhyme or reason. I would know why, but he won’t. And I don’t care. I’ll just say no every time J asks if I want to walk to the shops with him, or go to the RSL, etc. I don’t have to explain myself. The fact is, I’m rejecting his friendship without a fight or nasty argument. He needs to be removed from these units and that’s it.

Once again I had to interrupt my blog because of the stinkin’ phone. The battery drains very fast. Can’t wait till I get a new phone! But anyway, I found out that J was with his carer and that’s why he couldnt come for a drive today. I then decided that I’d share my fish curry with him and two others, pollish off the rest of it which was a fair amount, and put one take-out container of it in the freezer. So my curry is cleaned up, the bottle of milk is nearly out, and I’m extremely full. I ate sausages and vegies before eating fish curry. Yeah, I’m a greedy guts and proud of it! I’m happy and that’s that. I’ll be going back to the butcher next week after I use up some of the food in the freezer. I’m thawing some mince to make risoles which I was panicking about not being able to make them this week. Well now I can! I’m going to make them tomorrow. I’ve decided that I just want a small piece of steak with a couple of rissoles and I’ll eat what’s left over, for breakfast on Saturday morning. I think steak and rissoles on toast will make a good breakfast. Whether I make it to the library in the morning will be a different matter. Let’s see. At least I’ll get what I need from the shops and come home to start cooking, but geeze, I’d like to spend some time at the library. I hardly get time to myself these fucking days.

I really hate winter as well. All it does is cause health problems and I have to keep the heater on or turn it on and off all the time just to keep the cold air out. My throat is really shitting me and so is my snotty nose, which is why I can’t wait for spring. I don’t know why I get exactly the same illness every single winter. It’s like my immunity doesn’t improve. And all the drama about catching the flu is bullshit, I just got a bad cold this year. And now I’ve got a really terrible cough but because I’m totally blind, I can’t find a doctor who understands VI people. So I just have to deal with health issues without medical care. Doctors are just money hungry. I can live without medical people interfering with my life.

I’m doing all right otherwise, so that’s what counts. I’m seriously so happy that Troy is doing fantastic and he’s still so full of energy! I was freaking out and panicking about his welfare for months. Now that I know he’s fine, I have to pull myself together and get rid of this coughing thing. I think a lot of slow cooker soups and curries and fried steaks will help a bloody lot! The waterier the better. Lol ok, I just made up a word just then! But winter really plays up on me and I can’t go without a watery dish and bottles of milk. I couldn’t care less if I shouldn’t drink milk, I couldn’t give a shit. I like it and I’ll drink as much as I like. I’m going to buy a whole heap of those cough lollies from the chemist tomorrow too. I need something to fix my ugly throat. I also need to get rid of all the snot as well. It won’t stop running. Apart from that shit, life is good. It looks like I’ll be counting down the days to when I finally get to keep a dog by my side yet again. The application process will start in the middle of next year. Then it’s a case of waiting till I can go to the training centre for cane training and a guide dog assessment to see if I’m still suitable for guide dog ownership. That will be both exhilirating and scary at the same time. I’m sure I’ll be accepted to go on the waiting list, but I still get anxious that maybe my application will be rejected. I’m hoping I’ll be accepted without any fuss. I’ll get a doctor to quickly tick the paperwork so I can participate in all of these training camps and then I’ll be good to go I reckon. I just need to get this application out of the road because I want this new dog to come home with me within two years. It may be a bit rushed, but I really want to take the dog to Cairns to meet my old guide dog. Plus I’m hoping that Troy will still be alive and well by the time I receive my new dog.


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