6 February, 2017 14:03

I had a boring day today. It was a good break after yesterday. Two friends stayed over on Friday night and all of yesterday. They left in the afternoon and I cleaned up the house and relaxed. I spoke to another friend, then me and Tori spoke on the phone for ages. I started to fall asleep, so I hung up the phone and slept for the night. I woke up this morning, laid around for an hour, got out of bed, and enjoyed a good feed of Special K Advantage and a cuppa coffee, while doing an Audioboom recording. I did a few recordings, and tried to do a recording of me cooking dinner tonight when Tori rang me. So she’s doing a blog, now I’ve decided to do a post because I haven’t done one for a few days.

Tonight’s dinner was perfect! Sausages with vegetables in cheese sauce, with pasta shells. I really loved it – had two servings. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Who says you don’t get excitable when eating a feed! Eating can actually be a fun thing to do. I put a container of it in the freezer and another container in the fridge for tomorrow. I have almost a dozen other meals in my freezer that I can divide into smaller portions and have boiled vegies with those. Wow I’ll survive every day for sure! Then I can prepare a shopping trolley for Woolworths Online next Tuesday. I love the online store. I won’t shop with Coles again until they clean up their act.

It’s now 1:30 in the afternoon. I couldn’t finish my blog post last night. I can’t talk and write at the same time. I woke up, had breaky and drank nearly two gallons of water and now I’m sitting on a comfortable couch which my friend brought in this morning. I really love it! It’s a three-seater. I’ve put it where it is and now it’s staying put for now. I did two Audioboom posts today. When I recharge my phone next week, I’ll upload the posts in the app and then I’ll upload my Voice Memo app posts whenever I can get to a Wi-fi zone. I checked the mail today, I got one piece of paper but it wasn’t in an envelope so I’ll read it soon. It’ll take half an hour for me to read the mail I’ve got there. Next week I have to go to the shops and take money out and come home for the cleaners. I love the cleaning service I’ve got currently. When the NDIS rolls out, I’ll be putting them on my funding care plan. I think it’s a load of shit that the TSS card for taxis is going out of circulation, it’s fucked actually. When the NDIS comes around, people will be forced to get funding rather than be given a choice. We’re becoming more Americanised every year and I hate that with a passion. Whatever funding is left over each year isn’t given to us. In other words we’ll be paying for our services with Government funding but we’ll be using our pension money to pay for everything else. In some ways I can see why the Government won’t let us use any of the funding for any other purpose, but in other ways I think they’re ripping us off. The other thing I’m struggling with is, how much do I over-estimate my funding? Like I could ask for too much funding and then I’ll take the next two years trying to decide just how much funding I’ll need. So if I’m given let’s say, $20000 for twelve months, but I only use $10000 of that funding, at the end of 12 months, I’ll have to pay the Government $10000 and change my care plan. My personal opinion is that they should allow people with disabilities to keep left-over funding for themselves every three years, so long as it’s proven that they won’t spend that money on drugs and alcohol and cigarrettes, and that they’re not just stealing it. Or if people can prove that they need the left over funding for a legit reason, then every twelve months, they should have to prove why they need to keep that funding and if they can’t provide a good enough excuse, then fair enough pay it back as required. That’s my view on it. I’ve heard that the NDIS isn’t working in other parts of Australia, so I don’t know what’s with that. Either people aren’t applying for it or maybe people are asking for not enough, or too much funding. Who knows? But when the NDIS rolls out next year, I hope it’s worth all the hassle.


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