19 November, 2016 12:15

Dear Troy,

Your period of time with me: 15 October 2007-20 November 2016
You’ve been the best guide dog ever.. You’ve stayed with me for as long as you can. You lived out nine months of your retirement from guiding duty as of February the 11th, 2016 and you handled your retirement so well that I was actually happy for you to retire. But due to the fact that I’m moving and I don’t want to put you through the stress of moving again and you’re getting older now, you’re going to be looked after by some very loving people tomorrow. You’ll continue to live the high life and steal everybody’s hearts. At least I’ll get to hear about you from time to time, same with the canary when he gets re-homed to another lovely familiar person too. I’ll never forget about you and hopefully you’ll spend the next few years living in luxury. Life just isn’t the same anymore. I may not like cleaning up mess whenever I take you outside, but looking after you and feeding you and cleaning up after you is the least of my worries at the end of the day. You’re the life of the party and you were always in high spirits and happy all the time, you treated every day like a new day, you lived like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t let you go when you retired, but now I’m left with no choice. You’re one of a kind and even if I did get a new guide dog, no dog in the world would replace you. So I’ll say my final goodbye knowing that you’ll be in a good home soon, I’ll probably never get to see you again but I’ll be thinking of you and finding out how you’re doing and what you’re up to. Good luck and farewell! It was lovely knowing you.


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