Troy’s last blog

Well, hi guys! Troy here again. I have some horrible terrible news. Something isn’t right with Mum. She is leaving. She knows why but I think she’s leaving for no reason. How can you be forced to leave home? But Mum isn’t allowed to take me to her new home. Ah, that is if they’ll allow her to live there. I like that favourite pet shop lady of mine. She knows how to re-home perfect cuddly dogs. I want to know when I’m leaving. But Mum isn’t disclosing any info. Too sad for her to do so. Apparently I’m just going on a big holiday, but secretly I know the real reason I’m going on a holiday. Mum wants to keep me but I’m not allowed to stay with her. Don’t tell her I said that!!!! So…………. On that note, goodbye guys. Oh, and animals too! Oh I won’t be seeing Whisky anymore. Isn’t he that cute little canary? He’s going to Mum’s support worker. He knows her. It was lovely getting to know you all. Hopefully I can live my life in my new home the same way I do now. Sleep, eat, run around, play….. Eat….. And…… Sleep! If there’s dogs and kids, even better for me. Mum will never like it when I leave, but I really have to go. I’m going to hate it actually, when I realise I can’t see Mum anymore, even though I’ll love where I’m going to live.


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