My thoughts about discrimination against people with disabilities, especially in the workforce. And lots of other things!

I haven’t done a whole lot today. I just sat around talking on Roger, then I got a fish burger and chips. Now I’m chilling out while I write this. Yesterday’s blog was terible, there was so many typos! Hopefully today will be better. I think I’ll just fix the post up later, some of the words don’t even make sense. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a whole lot of things lately. So I haven’t done much, but I have thought of a lot of stuff! One thing that comes to mind is the workforce and how discriminatory it truly is. Last night me, and a lady who I love chitchatting to on Roger, we were talking about jobs and our different reasons for not having a job. What really stood out for me was that basically, we don’t have jobs because of our disability(s), essentially. Last night when I was sending a message to mzrq, which is her name on Roger and Twitter, I told her that I don’t plan to work anymore because of how much employers love to pretend to hand out jobs, knowing all along that they won’t hire most candidates. And, people with disabilities are at the top of the list.

It’s really disgusting how it works like that. Discrimination is more rampant today than it was years ago. I say this because most educated people with disabilities, lets say visually impaired people in this argument, don’t actually get jobs unless the employers decide that they will suit that job, regardless of how qualified they are. Employers don’t see a qualified “disabled” person, they just see a “disabled” person. So, basically, you can be just right for a particular job, but since said employer sees your disability, they won’t actually look at your qualifications unless they decide according to their own perception, that your disability won’t be a hinderance to them, no matter how qualified you are. And it’s really fucked up!!!!!!!!!!! It should technically be illegal what employers are doing to discriminate against people with disabilities because of the level of training required to make a “disabled” person ready for their chosen line of work or career path, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Ok guys, I’m going to write for ages here, so bear with me. Maybe a snack or favourite drink would be good and ready to go at this point. I have so many reasons for why I think the workforce sucks today, especially for people with disabilities. In this little exposition, I will be stipulating people with vision loss. There’s a gazillion different disabilities and varying degrees of every type of disability, so instead of writing for the next two years about this broad subject, let’s just narrow it down to vision loss. Employers see a lot of potential in people, but it seems that vision loss, especially total blindness really tops the cake. So I”m going to rattle on forever because I’m frankly shitted right off that we’re living in the 21st century and we’re facing more and more discrimination every day, disguising it as occupational health and safety rules. OHS is fantastic, but please! When someone is trained at Uni and/or Tafe properly, don’t forget about this when hiring someone! People are so quick to look at the vision impairmentstblindness, they can’t even see past this and look at what the person’s abilities are, as demonstrated here. It’s rather ridiculous in my opinion. So it’s fine to get scared and wonder whether this person may be a liability or something like that, but fucking honestly! Maybe they’re looking for someone to hire them because said person has the right training/qualifications to do this job, or maybe they’d be finding a different job.

It amazes me that employers will go out of their way to educate blind people through training courses, yet they won’t accept them after all the effort people have wasted only to find their qualifications got them nowhere. Last year, I threw a certificate in the bin because I got trained at a cooking preparation course so I could be a chef’s assistant or I could have done some similar work. Well, this job agency I went to, ah, let’s just say they supported the discrimination against disabilities in a big way by looking at my certificate, then said to me that I wasn’t safe to work in the hospitality industry. A doctor said I was physically fit to work, so job agency’s response? You can’t do jobs requiring climbing ladders and other high places……… Because of my then working guide dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, when the hell did my guide dog have anything to do with whether I could do jobs involving climbing and heights, or not? I’m sure there’s a lot of options for dog-sitting if I couldn’t bring the dog with me. I’m certain of the fact, but the wanker job assessment person at Centrelink totally dismissed me based on my guide dog! Secondly, because I’m totally blind. So, physical fitness and qualifications arent part of a blind person’s life, then, am I correct? Because, this is what the dickhead so-called employers apparently think. And, if any employer does want to test out hiring a blstVI person, um, apparently, that isn’t happening, because Centrelink Mr. Dickhead Psychologists, think that blstVI people are just as useless. It’s the 21st century, and most people aren’t educated on the fact that nearly everyone can have a job if people put an effort into hiring and training them, instead of spending that extra hour smoking and playing games. This makes me believe that education is only as good as the person who wants to be educated. In other words, it’s bloody useless. Especially to the employers who’re supposed to know better yet they still choose not to learn. No wonder I’m not interested in helping society anymore, it does jack shit to help me.

Job agencies certainly do not help out at all, and there’s no way I’ll sign up to another agency again. The way they dealt with Endeavour Industries which hires disabled people, is absolutely attrocious!!!!! I wasn’t allowed to work there because of my guide dog for God’s sake! And the agency did fucking nothing to help me fight back. I considered suing the agency and Endeavour Industries, but no, I just didn’t want to put any effort into dealing with all the shit that goes with it. So here I am now, doing nothing. I suppose writing blogs may count as something, because now people will know just how difficult it is to fight with unreasonable job industry workers and company. The worst part was knowing that doctors couldn’t even convince employers could hire me safely, and yet the lazy people at these so-called disability job networks did fuck all to help. Then the idiot person went to the other extreme of trying to get me jobs which requircs vision! Are you frigging kidding me? As far as I’m concerned, they’re all in it for the money because they definitely don’t take the interests of their customers in mind, although they go through the motions of such a proceedure.

Now here’s my next ramble about why I hate the education system so much. I’m sure the article about workplace discrimination should be self-explanatory, and there’ll be a lot more articles in that site too. Well, apparently Uni students are treated just as badly, which also paves the way for workforce discrimination. I’ve experienced it firsthand and I don’t intend to go back to Uni again. It’s horrible. There were some positive points, but overall I wouldn’t recommend University to anybody with a severe visual disability, and this is why. When I started Uni in 2007, I planned to do some sort of welfare type job, but not a social worker. I pretty much wanted qualifications that could land me in a lot of jobs that may or may not have interested me, but I could have enjoyed making some sort of an income. When I first went to Uni, it seemed very promising. I would be able to do research, do the exams, get help whenever necessary, and basically trudge through it like everyone else and basically have a bit of fun while I was at it. This was my plan and I kind of did carry it out, but it wasn’t as good a time as I’d wanted. I ended up dropping out halfway through my Uni degree two years later.

At first, the equity support worker seemed kind enough, she apparently wanted me to get the best out of my education, blah blah blah. Well, as time went on and I was having a harder time trying to study for exams, d oing research, doing group assignments, etc, it seemed that maybe the equity support worker was not all who she seemed to be. She chided me because I was getting tutors to read print information, reminded me not to distract students during class, when in reality they were simply including me in as much of the activities as possible by simply verbalising what I couldn’t see, etc. So even though I explained to this equity support worker a million times that the only reason tutors and students would actually take the time to read stuff to me, tell me about the cartoons displayed on the movies and other multi-media devices, etc etc, I was met with indignation as though what I had to say meant nothing to her. I had to respect what I heard from others, I had to respect what lecturerers had experienced in their lives, what they knew of other people and situations they’d encountered, but apparently when I talked about my experiences as a blind person, what my needs were, well, the equity support worker didn’t think she needed to return the same favour to me. I was not only devastated, I was terribly sad and disappointed! Here she was, carrying on about how important education is, and she tells me that I’m limited to my disability and I can only be as educated as my disability allows! Everyone else could ask for help from their friends except during exams, but apparently I had more advantage over the other students if I asked for help for the same reasons, including for someone to read printed information to me. For God’s sake I can’t damn see! She never did understand this and didn’t want to be educated. My case in point exactly, that education is as good as the person who’s willing to learn. You can’t help somebody who doesn’t want to help themselves. The fact that I wasn’t allowed to have someone “do my homework for me” by getting them to read print information was the absolute deal-breaker for me, and so was the inability to read any part of a text book because supposedly, the publisher wouldn’t have allowed me to have access to the whole book in electronic format due to copyright law. That is the biggest fucking load of bolox I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a go at the equity support worker about that, but she was nasty and said that I bought the text book but she couldn’t break the copyright law just for me. I told her she was discriminating against me, so she said that I had to deal with it. Goodbye Uni, and goodbye Mrs Not-So-Equity Susport Worker. I passed a few exams, but I didn’t get very far with my education. My fate was completely sealed for eternity when I never got a phone call from a Uni in my town. I called them almost two years ago. Fuck them and fuck education and fuck the workforce.

If there is one good thing I liked about Uni, it was how nice most lecturers were to me. They disagreed with the way the disability workers treated me, but sadly for them, there was nothing they could do about it. So they pretty much made sure I could understand everything that was being taught so I could get another student with similar interests to help me without too much harm being done. What a niftly little trick, we just didn’t tell the bitch in office haha! The equity support worker was definitely a bitch! Even if you completed your assignments on time and you asked her for help, she’d accuse you of asking too late in the peace, and she’d have her list of excuses. Yeah whatever. She was a dirty rotten liar and no one could deny that. She was working there for the money. She never cared about the students. She, and a lot of horrible people like her, are essentially teaching employers that it’s ok to mistreat people with disabilities. This is why I hate the education system so much.


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