Technology complaints #DepressingAndFuckingRidiculous!!!!!!!

Nothing much is happening today. I’ll be taking Troy to the park this afternoon but until then, it looks like I’ll be having a ball with my Braille Note! I’ll be looking into getting a new Bluetooth keyboard after finding out that all isn’t lost with them! The battery operated ones are just horrible. I hope ablind these b’loody keyboards aren’t gonna cauease problems for my BN because I really need a working BN! Now that I’ve got the Braille Terminal to work properly again, I can use it for whaeat I need it for and I won’t be sending this machine back any time soon. I’d like to try and connect my Microsoft keyboard to this BN to see if I can type with that. Hopefully it will work! Well, for some reason, the keyboard isn’t working. I’m going to find out why it’s not working. I’ll be back.

I’m finally back. And my Braille Note has crashed again. Braille Terminal mode isn’t working at all now. It’s either taking its time to work, or its stuffed. I can’t decide either way, so I’m giving the BN to shape up, or I’m sending it back with a really bad review. I can’t believe this is happening. I got a Braille Note to make my life easier and all it’s doing is causing more hassles than the money is worth! I’ve got a can of coke in front of me, it’s a consoling type of drink for me. My God, the next fucking time any external device interferes with my BN, I’m gonna lose my shit! This is really fucked. Io is the neighbour’s little grandson. He’s a terrible child. He’s apprroximately seven years old and he’s a bloody tearaway! I have to keep my place closed because the noise gives me a freaken headache despite the Panadol and Naproxin! No amount of pain relief can fix the painful noise of a mean and nasty kid. He swears ALL the time, talks back, he basically makes trouble until mean Nanna shows up, then life is peaceful for an hour or two.

It’s finally quiet now. I had a big feed of chicken and vegies and rice. I’ll eat the rest of the rice for dinner, and I’ll get through as much of the chicken as I can because the rest of it is going to the bin tomorrow. But besides all that, life is pretty boring. Exercising every day while it’s not damp and raining is a must, I love walking through the park! I feel horrible for Troy though, his age is catching up with him now. His stamina is starting to wane, so I can’t push him to do a lot of exercise anymore. I’ve seen a difference with Troy since February to now. I wish I could turn the clock back but I can’t. Time is ticking on the countdown now. It’s time to start making memories with my cute dog. Not that I never make memories, each day is full of memories. But knowing that Troy is counting down to his last breath slowly but surely, is totally different. I have to put a lot more effort into making each day as happy as possible because each day could be Troy’s last one. I’ll go to the vet in October so I’ll be putting his checkup on Audioboom. Hopefully Troy will be fine this year, but he has definitely slowed down. Troy still eats his food super fast most of the time so I’m hoping he can live for another two or three years. I want him to live past fourteen, but with all the reports from a few different vets, I really can’t see that happening anymore. It’s a massive disappointment and a huge let-down, but I guess once a dog gets old, that’s it. I’ll be keeping Troy healthy with diet and exercise, but he won’t be getting treatments to keeping him alive now. He’s basically on vet hospice and palliative care. I’m keeping him happy and comfortable so he can basically die happy..

As for my Braille Note, I’m going to try one last ditch effort to get Braille Terminal mode to work. If it doesn’t, I’m giving up on the stupid thing! So, I’ll be back to write more soon. I’m finally back again, to say that I’ve written the following fault report and have sent it to Humanware via a feedback form:

I have got a Braille Note Apex QT, 18 cells. I’ve had this product for approximately seven months, and here are the following issues I have had since receiving this product:
1. The Braille Note freezes when I am in Braille Terminal Mode. This occurs when switching between Braille Entry and standard operation.
2. I cannot get a wireless keyboard to work with my Braille Note, without creating problems. For example, when a Bluetooth keyboard is paired with the iPhone 6S, and I then set the Braille Note into Braille Note into Braille Terminal Mode, I can write using the wireless keyboard but when using Braille Entry on the Braille Note’s QWERTY keyboard, it won’t allow me to write on my iPhone, until I forget the wireless keyboard in my phone, then reset the Braille Note, then pair the Braille Note to the phone again.
3. I thought I had finally resolved the Braille entry issue when in Braille Terminal Mode, until I decided to attach my Microsoft keyboard via the USB, to my Braille Note. I had gotten the Braille Terminal to work properly. I could write in the phone using the Braille Note, so I decided to try to write using my Microsoft keyboard. Not only did this fail, however, now Braille Terminal Mode has failed to work completely. I cannot get it to work despite forgetting and re-pairing my Braille Note to the iPhone, approximately eight times. The iPhone would ask me to pair the Braille Note, which occurred successfully. However, each time I connected the Braille display by double-tapping it on the iPhone, it would tell me that the display was connected, but no Braille would appear on the display. I attempted this process many times, including resetting my Braille Note about six times! I am disappointed that I have had to deal with so many issues with my Braille Note, and I will not recommend this product. Technical support for this product is very poor too.

Let’s hope that Humanware listens to this, they have a lot to answer for! Something else that’s really bugging me too, is the iOS 10. It has used up so much fucking space on my phone that I’ve had to delete apps off my phone. I also can’t use the Notes app properly. I can’t copy and paste information into another note because the Notes app crashes, without pating the information. I had to litterally open this message window to paste the information in here because Notes is really shit now. I haven’t turned Siri back on too, it’s horrible to use. I have to say, iOS 10 is a step down from iOS 9, they’ve added in some useless features that take up space in the phone, and they’ve buggered things up so I’m not impressed. I don’t care what anyone says, the next time a major update comes out, I’m not getting it. Braille Screen Input has gotten worse too. I didn’t pay a thousand dollars for a bloody stupid broken-down piece of machinery. It worked fine until I put some junk software on here. Now I wish I could have no phone at all. They only cause more freaken stress! I never had to delete apps all the time until I got iOS 10. Go figure! I hate iOS 10 now. It destroys phones, so if anyone hasn’t downloaded the software, please don’t do it. Don’t get a Braille Note Apex either, they’re useless pieces of shit.


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