Another revival of the Braille Note!

Ok peeps! So it only took all day, but I finally got my Braille Note working once again! I had to reset the damn thing for almost the hundredth time and somehow I got the Braille Terminal to work properly. So let’s hope this will work for a long time now! The other thing is, I never got my chance to go to the park like I thought I would. I spent 15 minutes outside with Troy, ten minutes talking to the neighbours, and half a fricken hour, looking at new iPhones!!!!! Yes, voice-over is so advanced now that looking is practically at your ears now lol. I found some iPhone 6S models ranging from $850-1180. Oh my God! Even the phones that have been out for ages are still fucking dear! But that’s ok, I’m saving up some money, and I’m damn well buying the first iPhone 6S that I can afford. The 16GB of memory isn’t enough forthe apps that I had to delete off the phone. I was thinking of the 32GB phone, but that will run out of room so quickly too. Each generation of phone and all its software accessories always takes up more and more space. I don’t know why they can’t be efficient with their memory storage. It’s really stupid! I guess I’ll have to tell Humanware when I hear from them, that I eventually got this machine working, after stuffing around with it again. And at least the iPhone doesn’t have many issues, it’s just that the storage isn’t enough. I guess the 128GB phone will give me a few years out of it. I can’t believe I got this 6S in February and already I fucking need a new phone, and only because of the storage! I’m so glad I’ve got iCloud. I don’t know how I’ll do this, but I want to put my deleted apps back on the phone, back that to iCloud, then delete as many of them as possible. Ah, I don’t know how that’ll work, but I have to preserve what I can so when I’ve got the new phone, I can have it set where this phone is now. Then I can just sell the old phone. Not that it’s classed as old yet… But I need to make money somehow. I’m very pissed that it has come to this. I knew back in February that a 16GB phone wasn’t gonna last for long. But oh well I couldn’eat afford more. I will do soon. I’m fucking making sure of it! And now that this Braille Note is working, it better not break on me for a while.

Well, it’s time for dinner in a minute, I don’t know what I’ll have beside the chicken and rice. Maybe I’ll have some of that, and then I can make sandwiches or something. Any way to get a good feed in and save money! I like take-out meals, but I know I won’t get far if I spend money that I technically don’t have. I want that cockatieeal too, but that depends on lots of things. The bird has to be fhly and easy-going. But then, coçkatiels are so bloody expensive to feed too, if they’re fed proper food every day of the week! Canaries would be a whole lot cheaper to look after. They just can’t be handled all the time. God, I don’t know. I won’t even buy the bird unless I know for sure it’ll work out.


I ate a huge feed and took my pain medication. I took it a bit late, you’re meant to take it every eight hours at least. Oh well, it’s done and dusted now. I’m starting to feel better, I hate female stuff! I always feel off-colour and I hate waiting for the medication to kick in properly. Once that’s done I’m fine yea! I drank a whole heap of water too, I drink like a fish now, I don’t hate drinking water anymore. The last drink I’ll have tonight is a cup of camomile tea with honey. I really love it! And once I’m ready for bed, I crash out really quickly. I think I’ll drink it every night. Talking of sleeping, I forgot to get the chicken wings out of the freezer when I woke up this morning! I’ll have to get them out in the morning then. I really want to make apricot chicken wings. I’ll do those on Monday, and I’ll be steaming potato and pumpkin. Yum!!!!!!! I love apricot chicken! I c”t decide what I’ll have to eaeat next week. besides the apricot chic’ken, I don’eat know what else I’ll have. As for my fuckin’ niggling throat, I wish it would just bloody stop it! It tickles and itches in the voice b’ox area down my throat where my windbbpipe is, and it’s fucking annoying!!!!!!! All thanks to my cold in July, and the bastard of a weird virus thingy back in early Aprilstend of February. God damn it! I’ve had enough water today to sink a battle ship. I’ve eaten a whole lot too, so I guess the waeater intake isn’t too bad. But the stupid liar of a doctor said that plenty of water and good food should get rid of my throat feeling. Well it has damn welittle not done a thing! All I did was make myself a bit healthier and fill up on water. My damn throaeat was actually getting better until I g’ot sick in July. And now that my cough has come back with a vengeance, I’m telling you, no I’m not getting better with lots of food and water. The reason I won’t go back to the doctoears is because they can’t even do anything end of story, and I wish they could. So I’ve fired all my stupid doctors, I wa’neat nature to take its cou’rse and that’s the way it will be. Frankly I don’t trust doctors. I think there are some good doctors, but most of them are in it for the money. So I think not getting a checkup each year won’t make a single bit of difference to my health. I bet making fruit smoothies every day will be way healthier than all the shit any doctor can recommend to you. So let’s hope I don’t run into dramas because I don’t plan on seeing a doctor again for a long time.

I was considering going out soon, but taxis are super expensive even with a haealf price taxi card. So I guess it means staying home again. And I’m not buying pizza again, $30 for a large pizza and six chicken wings is a ridiculous amount of money. I can b’uy lots of food at the super market for $30. I don’t know how fast food outlets and pizza parlours can charge such exhorbitant prices. It’s mad! Even taxi drivers can over-charge and I have no fucking 1idea how they can manage to do this and still sleep at nigh’t. The world is going crazy. I guess it’s only going to get more crazy. I just wish I could go out and have a good time. But with not a lot of money to spare, that c’t happen and I’m disapointed about that. I just can’t believe I can get a drink and an ice-cream from Hungry Jacks and I have to spend $30 on taxis just to do this. That’s disgusting! No wonder I don’t go out much because it’s so much cheaper to just stay home. I guess I should stop wríting for the night. I think I’ll go and make a cup of camomile and honey and take myself to bed. I’ll write more tomorrow. Plus the bloody fireworks are scaring me. I don’t think people are meant to light fireworks like that.


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