My Braille Note is finally working again

I’m sitting at my dining table writing on my Braille Note! I decided to throw my wireless keyboard in the bin tonight. It started to really play up two weeks ago, and last week, or was it two weeks ago now as well? – Anyway, I wasn’t able to write in the Braille terminal. So basically, I had to use my iPhone to write because the Braille Terminal wasn’t working. Anyway, I kept stuffing around with the BN, got really frustrated, rang Humanware, they couldn’t help me. They said it was an Apple issue. Well it must have been some kind of pecuealiar conflict between the Bation and the Bluetooth keyboard, because when I threw the keyboard in the bin, after about fifteen minutes, the Braille Note started working properly again! Woohoo!!!!!! So now I’m writing in a very happy mood. I was going to send my Braille Note back, but when I threw the wireless keyboard away andthe BN started working normally again, I felt good that the Bluetooth keyboard was the problem instead of the Braille Note! I can’t write as fast, but at least I can write. I can’t connect to the Internet with the BN though, which sucks! I have to use the Braille terminal to connect to the Internet with Safari. Oh well. It’s better than not using my BN at all isn’t it? This is fucking awesome! A’ll I need to do now is, copy and paste this into the messages and text this to the WordFress site! It’s really dumb how you just about need to be a doctor to figure out what the issue is. Um, x’s not just people who have issues with products of whatever description, especially medicines, but apparently technology can have issues with other computer products too. But I’ve sorted out the issue, so let’s hope I den’t go through this bullshit again.

I haven’t been up to much lately. I’ve just been staying home and playing games. I got a bit worried actually because I started to feel terrible yesterday but today my female shit came on so I feel a lot better knowing what I’m dealing with! So I’m doing all right. I’ve als discovered that the health app is pretty good, I use it as a pedometer mainly. I put my height and weight in, and it m1’sures my step count and gives it to me in distance as well. Today I walked 3$2 kilometres! kilometres! I’m takin my phone with me as I usually do when I go for a walk, but I’ll be measuring my steps when I’m done with the walk. I guess it’s interesting knowing what the app says about me when I’m doing stuff. I wish there was a heart rate thing on there though. That would be really cool. Anyway, I’ll post this blog now, I’ll write more later.


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