My boring life

I’m using the Notes app with my wireless keyboard to write this blog. I’ve got a cuppa next to me and my BN is connected to the power. So I don’t want anything to spill near it at the moment. I’m using VO while I write my blog, so when I’m done I can simply mute VO and read the blog in Braille. Isn’t that cool! And the good thing about using the wireless keyboard is that I can type porperly like on a computer. And it’s easier to edit text using my Braille display and wireless keyboard too. So I don’t think I’m going to use the QWERTY keyboard on the Braille Note unless I have to. I’m going to Vision Australia on Thursday so of course my gadgets are coming with me! Now I wish Troy could come along as well! God damn it. Anyway, I’ll try to come home as quick as I can so I can take him to the park. It’s another overcast day today, and I’m hoping it won’t be this way all week. A fucking phone bill will be debited tomorrow I think, it won’t help me to get out of the house will it? I’m so stir-crazy now.

I had the best sleep ever last night. I hung the sheets out yesterday, so because I was too lazy to make my bed last night, I took a fitted sheet out of the cubpoard, wrapped myself in it like a cattapillar in a cacoon, and slept on the floor. Troy slept near me and kept trying to push me around while he was sleeping! But I rolled onto my stomach so I couldn’t be moved from my spot on the floor, and I crashed for the entire night, woke up to my new and wonderful alarm, turned it off, and slept for four more hours. I’m refreshed now. I’m aching a bit because I’m not used to sleeping on the floor, but it was worth it. I don’t know what it is with Troy, but if I sleep in my bed, he wanders around sleepwalking, sometimes I wake up to him walking around, sometimes to and from my room. But when I sleep on the floor, Troy does stir a few times each night to turn or quickly get up and lie down because that’s just him, he sleeps very well but is a sleepwalker! But when I’m on the floor he stays in my room and doesn’t wander around a lot. Last night I heard him rolling around, so I guess you can’t change how animals sleep, but you can stop them from walking around a lot by sleeping on the floor wrapped in a sheet! Troy is hilarious. At least I slept well. I’m getting hungry

It looks like I’ll be blogging, watching movies, and playing computer games all day. There’s nothing else to do. And Troy is amusing himself for the moment because after allowing me to share his floor space (he really loves using the carpet as a bed instead of his very expensive bed I bought for him), he just wants his own space back now. Not that he’s the kind of dog that really cares so much, but sometimes everybody needs space after hanging out with you for hours, whether that be napping on the floor while laying at my feet, etc. Last night, Troy sat near me when I played on the laptop, then we both crashed on the floor in my room. Ok, that’s what I wanted to vent about in regard to sleeping on the ground when animals are nearby. Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn. If the animal is tame and it isn’t aggressive or bossy, and you’re not abusive towards the animal, then I see no problem with sleeping near a dog or cat. End of story. With that said, Troy hung out with me all night and now he needs his own space for a while. Just like anybody would need some alone time after hanging out with a friend. I tell ya, I nearly throttled Mum that time a few years when she told me to stop hugging Troy because apparently according to her philosophy, I’m so-called “too close” to Troy. Oh fuck off! There’s a difference between showing affection to a dog or a cat for that matter, and intentionally mishandling/abusing the poor thing! Now, in different countries the legal status of how animals are handled/treated isn’t the same. In Australia, it’s illegal to engage animals in personal activities, dog fighting, etc. For God’s sake I not only agree with these things being outlawed, but to my mind it’s fucking gross! Dog fighting included by the way. Dogs are supposed to be our companions. They aren’t there to be exploited. And, that news story which is easy to find on Google, about a Florida man harming his dog over marriage difficulties, he needs a bullet in the head. So does the judge because he/she, I can’t remember the genda and I don’t care, they gave the poor animal back to the man because it was his mobility aide. Yeah, let’s abuse the animal because it’s considered property and it’s ok! Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuu yuck! Get out. To me, Troy isn’t property. He’s a living soul. Anyone who wants to contest this can go right ahead, but they certainly won’t change my opinions on these things nor will they change my stance on the moral issues surrounding animal handling and treatment. So anyway, I shouted at Mum when she carried on like she did. I told her to stop cuddling cats then, stop taking the cat to bed then (she doesn’t have a cat), and I’ll stop cuddling Troy. Man did she get angry. So I got more pissed and got in her face, and I basically told her to shut up and if it’s ok to cuddle and sleep with a cat, then guess what? Troy is getting the same treatment so go ahead and call the RSPCA. Go ahead! Apparently I’m abusing the dog right? So, I can then accuse Mum of being abusive to a cat whenever she takes it to bed too. Well that ended the argument! I don’t let my dog in the bed, but my opinion on it is, if the dog is clean, doesn’t have behavioural problems, and you’re not abusive to it, then let it sleep where it likes. But if you won’t let it sleep in the bed, then that’s great too. And when I sleep on the floor, Troy doesn’t get dominant. That’s all bullshit anyway. Troy doesn’t think any differently of me when I’m higher up on a bed or laying on the ground. For heaven’s sake he’s not a wild dog or a wolf! He’s a tamed animal with instincts, but even so he is tame. And tamed animals do behave differently to wild ones. They’re similar but different.

I’ve made a second cup of coffee. So I’m going to continue to write for ages. I need to let a lot of stuff off my chest today. Yes, I’m back into writing long blogs like I used to do! I love talking on Audioboom, but at the moment I’m not into talking so I’m writing instead. Not that talking ever replaces writing by any means, but sometimes I can convey myself better with my writing. So anyway, I’m really angry with Nan and Pop. I don’t have a problem with them having an opinion, geeze everyone can have opinions! But I do have a problem with them expecting me to expect approval from others for my behaviour. Do this, but get approval for it, do that, disapproval equals don’t accept such and such an opinion, or situation, or whatever it might be. Well, sorry to burst their bubble, but I don’t live my life to get approval from others. I guess if I’m really uncertain about something, then definitely it’s for my safety and security to get approval from people. But if I’ve made a decision about whatever it may be regarding my lifestyle, well, I don’t need to be influenced by how people react to determine whether I’ve made a good choice or not. I’m living my life, so really, unless I’m doing something dangerous, it’s not up to anyone else how I live. So yeah, Nan and Pop are in my bad books and they have been for a long time. In fact the next time I speak to them and they bring up some fancy discussion on my lifestyle choices, I’m going to let them have it. Short and to the point, but they will be told straight and down the line, that I’m not tolerating their shit. I’m not a people-pleaser, and they won’t try to turn me into one. My grandparents seem to think they own the world and can boss everyone around. Well I’m not having that attitude and they aren’t welcome here if they’re going to be so rude and disrespectful.

Besides all the family dramas which I try to keep away from, my life is working out just fine. I’ve still got heaps of food in the freezer, so I’m sure I won’t go hungry this week! I did my shopping order last week so it’ll be delivered next week. As soon as it arrives, I’ll be looking for more groceries on special and taking advantage of the deals while I can. If I can spend a hundred dollars or less on a whole lot of groceries then that’s a bonus! Bulk-buying is another favourite strategy too. I save so much money when I bulk-buy and get all the specials. All these people who think they have to spend a lot of money on shopping have to be kidding themselves! Some family members have the worst habit of over-spending, and their excuse is that groceries are expensive and I think, yeah whatever. How about putting some effort into buying groceries on sale and you should start saving money. With the way I buy groceries, I could feed six people on $150-$200 worth of groceries, yet my cousin used to spend nearly $500 a day on the family! Oh my God. Over-spending at its finest there. Her list of excuses is exhaustive, but they’re still excuses. And, if I was faced with having to make a huge feed of whichever type of dish, and I was told to make more of it and don’t be stingy and all that, I’ll tell the ungrateful brood to cook it themselves. I have so many ungrateful family members. My attitude is, I buy food and if someone doesn’t like it, well, they can starve. Obviously there’s food that we all can’t like, so I’d respect that. But if bread is too thick, too thin, there’s not enough food for left-overs the next day, or maybe I didn’t make the right meal, or this, or that, I’d tell said people to bloody well feed themselves instead of being fucking demanding. Yeah, I’m strict. Maybe that’s why I’m unpopular with most of my family, I’m rather strict with my life, I have boundaries that I expect to be respected, I don’t hand out money generously unless someone truly needs assistance with food and money, etc. Yet my hypocrite Auntie will tell me to stop being demanding when I ask my Uncle when the coffee will be ready after I’ve waited for ten minutes for him to make it! She, however, yells and is the most demanding person of all of us, for the very fuckin’ same reason she hates us for when we’re “so demanding”!!!!!!!! She’s a fucking jerk. I may love my family but they’re ungrateful snivelling bastards. Nan and Pop are the same, I generously feed them, let them know there’s rice as well if they want it, and all I get is cold voice tones of, “oh no we don’t need any rice, there’s plenty of food here!” And no sooner do they say this, that by the end of our meals one of them changes their mind and convinces the other to get a little scoop of rice! Fuck them. If this is how people are going to treat me, then I won’t God damn feed them. Maybe if they used nicer voice tones, I might understand them better. If they don’t mean to be cold and nasty, then they God damn well need to change how they talk to me, because claiming to mean one particular demeanor while acting cold towards me is very confusing. I really can’t stand people who act hard-done-by while they expect everyone else to be happy. I think most of my family members needs to get off the high horse.


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