Troy is back again!😃😃😃😃😃

Hiiiiiiiiiii! How’s it going guys? I need to take over Mum’s blog again because I think she’ll need to take over the site again for the rest of the night! So before I forget what I need to say, I’d better run over here and write! Well, I spent all day doing nothing. It’s raining. And this afternoon Mum got me to run and dance around for a while until my legs started to ache a bit. Mum is getting worried about me. I feel great though, but sometimes I get a bit achy if I run too much. I’ve never felt like that before! I did feel normal again after a few minutes, I suppose that’s a good sign right? I’m still as young as ever. I really want to go to the park butt Mum says it’s too wet outside. What do you mean it’s too wet? I love running around when it’s raining! But apparently Mum doesn’t like me running around in the house when I’m wet. Geeze! I guess I don’t have to clean the house. Oh well, that’s Mum’s job! Hopefully we can go to the park when it’s not raining. I really want to visit that pet shop lady again! I don’t know when Mum will let me go back to the pet shop again. I really love that place. Mum sometimes gets me treats from there, she always gets them when I’m not there. I guess she loves surprising me! What I really want to do is go back to the fish and chips shop. I like to sit next to Mum while she eats. And I love to sneak a hello greeting to as many people whenever I can. I never want to leave! I’m sitting near Mum now actually. I wish I could go out but I can’t! Apparently Mum has a stupid phone bill to pay in a couple of days or something. Damn the bill. Now I get to lie here in peace because Mum isn’t rattling on anymore, that guy talks to her for ages! He’s just a friend though, he already has a girlfriend. I can’t wait for that support worker lady to come around again too. She’s nice! She and Mum argue a lot but at least they try to get along so I like that. And the lady pats me a lot but isn’t very huggy. I wish she was! Oh, that’s right. I recall writing that the other day as well. Oh, well I guess that’s how boring life is, I can’t think of what to say and sometimes I forget what I already said. Damn it! I love to wag my tail while Mum pats me. Sometimes I swish hair in her face. Yuck! But I can’t help it. I have to stay home while Mum goes out on Thursday. I wish I didn’t have to. I can’t wait till Mum gets home and we can go to the park! She tries to stay there for as long as she can whenever she goes out for a long time because she wants to keep me away from the house so I forget about having to stay home for half the day. When I get home I can never go to sleep quick enough! I get so tired.

There’s something I do need to say before I forget. What I really hate is being told I have to be re-homed! Now, I know Mum won’t just dump me like that, who gives their best friend away anyway? But basically, some people who Mum calls grandparents, well they used to tell her make-believe crap about me. Total rubbish to be honest. I didn’t care really because I know I’m staying here forever. And Mum has said so many stupid things about never watching me get put to sleep one day and all that stuff and blah blah blah. Yeah right! Mum wants me to stay around forever but she’s also making sure I don’t get too sick. So apparently she will be waiting for me to go to sleep one day. Geeze, I fall asleep every night! Anyway, apparently Mum has different beliefs, about what does she call it? Um… Eu-tha-na-sia? Is that right? Um, anyway, she has different beliefs about that, she used to have horrible ideas about wanting people and animals to live for ever and ever and ever, no matter how sick they are. But, well… Ah, a few times over my life, I noticed Mum get so sick sometimes! And she used to talk about dying, good this and good that, and all sorts of things about only healthy people should live… Oh I don’t know. But it had something to do with this……… Ah, euthanasia thingy. She certainly doesn’t want me to get as sick as she got a few times. Oh, she always asks about why we can have a needle but people can’t? Then I hear things about religion. Religion my foot! Religion has nothing to do with sickness andf wanting to stop suffering. So I don’t know why religion should come into it. Anyway, I wish I could discuss this with other doggies, but I guess I can’t, so I’ll write what I think.

Well, firstly, I don’t believe in dying. Well, not like, um, when you’re feeling so great and all that right. But I do believe if you’re hurting too much, then maybe it’s a different story. Or is it? Ok, what I want, is to live forever! I want to feel so great like I am now, I want to stay alive for a long time. I’m really happy. But I can’t understand why I sometimes feel a bit achy, why I get so tired, but then I come good again. I really can’t understand that and I do not want to put up with getting tired easily for so long. I want to stay happy. But if I get too sick or hurt too much or can’t exercise anymore or whatever, then I think I’d just rather lie down and retire. Oh wait, I am retired already! Oh, and I’m lying down. Oh, I have no idea what to believe seriously! How can you lie down and retire when you’re already retired? Doesn’t make any sense to me? But anyway, I wouldn’t want to hurt every day for the rest of my life that’s for sure! At least Mum knows what a good life is. I’m so glad I’m allowed to stay with her.


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