5 September, 2016 17:02

I’m finally able to use my Bluetooth keyboard with my Braille Note! I haven’t even needed to ring Humanware yet like I thought I’d need to. I no longer have to use Perkins Braille keystrokes when typing on the Braille Note. I can simply use my Bluetooth keyboard to write normally. I can mute voice-over, type on the wireless keyboard, feel the display to check for mistakes, and go from there. It only fucking took three hours to fix it! I had to forget both my Braille Note and my wireless keyboard on the phone, then I had to reset the Braille Note for the fifth time, then I reconnected my Bluetooth devices. Now I’m listening to a Podcast while the phone is charging on the bench, my BN and wireless keyboard are in front of me. Let’s see if I can copy and paste this into a message window! Well, it looks like I’m having a bit of fun this arvy!!!!!!!!! I listened to a few podcasts and now I’m doing perfect with my Bluetooth keyboard. I’ve got the BN in front of me and I’m typing in
the message window. I can copy and paste if I need to but I find I don’t really have to now. I’ve got voice-over turned off so I can just feel the Braille display whenever I think I need to, and I can sooooooooo easily edit my text as though I was using a computer. Wow this is crazy exciting! I think I could write for bloody hours now. I love my wireless keyboard. I’m keeping it with me for good. I won’t leave without it. Bluetooth and voice-over used to have a lot of problems, but the bugs have been fixed and I can type normally without a hitch. I do make typing errors, but I can edit those and I don’t have to worry about voice-over playing up on me when I use this keyboard. I’m so happy!


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