5 September, 2016 14:38

It’s a rainy day! I really wanted to go out but apparently it’s not happening. I’m quite pissed, but there’s nothing I can do about it which really sucks. So I’ve decided to spend the day surfing the blog sites and writing and all that. I still haven’t found a way to copy a Keyword document over to the iPhone. Once you enter Braille Terminal Mode, you can’t do anything else with the Braille Note until you escape out of the Braille terminal. Damn! I’m back. I was interrupted by eaving to do my washing. I wanted to hang it to 1get it out of the road before I forget to do it. It’s not good leaving wet clothes around! as for my ugly fucking neighbours, they’re going cf the Body Corporate guy because apparently the guys are blowing the grass into the next-door bloçk of units. The bastards are pretty abusi”e towards the Body Corp people. Poor Troy tried to look through my back door when the curtains were drawn across, but I waited for him to settle before opening the glass pannel. I think wevery should have fresh air, but I don’t want my dog to have a go at people when he doesn’t need to. Some people are big-mouthed foghorns, but I don’t want Troy to cause more trouble when we’re perfectly safe in here. Troy is doing well so I’m sitting at the dining table again like I usually do every day. I had two cups of coffee and a huge feed, and a big drink of water. I’ll be making another cuppa soon. At least the neighbours aren’t shouting anymore. I guess I’ll be hosing the patio later because some foghorns wouldn’t let the lawn mower guys do their job. The only reason I’m not moving out is because my unit is a really nice one.

There hasn’t been a whole lot happening in the blog world lately. I guess life is just plain boring lol. There honestly isn’t any exciting news for me to share, other than the saga between Body Corporate and the neighbours who have no business to carry on like that. I suppose I’ll have news after I ring Humanware and ask a few questions. I actually feel like it’s going to be a waste of time somehow. I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t exactly want to ring a company only to hear that they can’t give me answer’s. I’ll try out my Bluetooth keyboard and ic that works, I won’t ring Humanware, but if it doesn’t, I’ll ring them. I just hate feeling let down! So… I’ll be back with my Bluetooth keyboard and I’ll try to pair it with the Braille Note.

Well, I’m back, with a whole lot more fucking frustration!!!!!!!!! I’ve got my Bluetooth keyboard working perfectly. There’s no fault with it at all. I listened to a podcast and got this gadget playing by the rules yea! But…….. But but but!!!!!!! My frigging Braille Note ain’t working properly. Oh fuck my life! I can’t get the Braille display to work when I go into Braille Terminal Mode with the Bluetooth port. When I’m in the Braille settings in the voice-over section, it tells me that the Apex is connected, paired and everything. But the fucking


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