Troy says hi

Hi everyone it’s me again! The other day Mum took me to the pet shop! And I was given a treat by my favourite lady! I love her to bits. Mum got grumpy at me because I tried to play with another dog when it came into the store, but the dog wouldn’t come over to me, so Mum insisted I leave it alone. Oooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! But I guess not every dog wants to be friends with me. Mum’s support worker was a bit sad that I wasn’t allowed to play, but she knows Mum is strict with me sometimes so the lady let her be. But my favourite pet shop lady seems to have a lot of experience with most animals especially dogs and birds – why not dogs and cats? Oh, never mind – but. um…. But anyway, um… ah, yeah! My favourite pet shop lady seemed to understand with all of her experience, that Mum was trying to make me realise that I can’t force other doggies to be friends or play games! Everyone is nice to me though. I love all the people there. I love Mum’s support worker too, but she’s not a very cuddly person! I don’t mind a hug sometimes! I guess everybody can’t be the same can they, and a friendly dog can’t be picky! Oh, I think that’s similar to saying… Ah, beggars can’t be choosers, is that right? Well anyway, I love everybody so it’d be nice if everyone would give my tummy a scratch and give me a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug. But still, I am grateful that almost everyone loves me.

I’m getting really hot lately. I’m guessing summer is almost here. But it’s only September! Even Mum is worried about me going to the park. Oh Mum, but I love running around! But she keeps reminding me that I get tired easier now? What is she talking about! But when she does let me go for a run and a gallop, I do start to regret it after a while, so maybe she’s right? But I honestly don’t feel that bad! Just really hot and all that. And when I do get home, I fall asleep straight away. It must just be the weather or something. I hope I’m not getting old! I want to stay young for a long time. Mum does feed me a special diet though and I love it! A couple of years ago the vet did something to my back legs which really hurt! Then I was given tablets for a whole week and my legs didn’t hurt anymore. Then I was given some stuff on my food, then Mum slowly got me used to a different food, then a similar different version of the same food, and I’ve been fine ever since. I hope this means no more issues for me. My tummy got sooooooooooo sore last year, I had to take some horrible medicine for ages! (Only 3 weeks). I really hated it! But I’m doing really good now. I think Mum is keeping me fit and healthy just so the vets can keep helping me if something goes wrong. That’s good, I don’t want to go anywhere just yet and at the moment my life is perfect. Mum is happy too.

I love getting in the taxi and sitting at the fish and chips shop while Mum eats. Hmmmmm, reminds me of the good old times! I don’t like having a hard time using my back legs to jump off the ground. They feel like they’re going stiff. But I can get out of the car just fine, and my legs don’t hurt a lot. Let’s hope it stays that way. I’m glad Mum still lets me write in her blog. God knows how long she has kept it for, and she was swearing and stressing out a few times every day for a week! She really, really really really really wants to keep the site working so it doesn’t break or get deleted. I don’t see why though… Come on it’s just the…. What do you call it? In-tanet. Intanet. Or, no, interrrrrrrrnet. Ok, whatever it’s called. Anyway, I’m not understanding this whole blog thing, but I love how Mum lets people know how I am, and she lets me ramble in it! Mum is awesome. And so am I! But sometimes Mum does catch me playing up, like when I try to steal my food before Mum blows the whistle! But she’s smart, she really knows how to get me to listen to her. I bet that pet shop lady secretly gives her a lot of tips that also works for birds! Wow. I had no idea that some types of animal training works for more than one kind of animal! So long as Mum knows I love to eat that’s all that counts. Sniff sniff where’s my food? Oh damn it! Need to wait till daylight. I like how Mum works things out, at least I’m not confused and I know what will happen and when. God help the dogs who have no idea of what’s expected of them when their cruel masters are so-called looking after them! Ok, we won’t go there. I know that Mum stresses out a lot when she finds out about how animals are treated by some people so let’s move on. That other little dog Mum had one time was a nightmare – I wouldn’t tolerate it either! I just played with her, but God she was nasty! I’m glad she’s gone and I don’t miss her! Oh, but she was only a baby so who knows what she would have been like as a grown-up dog. Oh well.


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