Back again with another post after making a discovery

I’m back to write another post. I was trying to make a new paragraph by pressing the inner and outer right thumb keys together, but instead the message sent to my blog. Well, at least I don’t have to look for the Send button anymore! So with that, let’s move on to what I actually wanted to discuss, and hopefully I don’t mistakenly send my post prematurely again, at least not for a while. You’ve gotta start the learning process from somewhere! Ok, so I want to test cutting and pasting from Keyword, into this text message. I can’t say it’ll work out, but I’m going to give it a go. Well it looks like this idea of pasting info from Keyword isn’t gonna work. Oh well, I’ll just type in this message window using Braille Entry Mode. You’ve got to use the QWERTY keys as dots 1-2-3-4-5-6, just like on a Perkins Brailleer. God typing is slow! There’s no way to make it so I can type normally either. So I guess I’ll have to make do withthe the way things are until I figure out some more accidental discoveries haha! Oh, I’ve just worked out how to activate the new line key. You press Spacebar with the semi-colon key. Right. Hopefully I can sort this bloody Braille Note navigation stuff out without buggering it too much lol! I can write pretty good so I’m happy about that. I think the QWERTY set-up fucking sucks! Like, you can’t even use the keyboard to its full potential while you’re using your iOS device with your Braille Note via Bluetooth. You can only use the QWERTY keyboard properly when you’re in the Braille Note’s main software, which is where you start out at before you connect your Braille Note to your iPhonestiPadstother iOS device, using Bluetooth. So basically, once you’ve gone into Braille Terminal Mode in order to control other devices, you can no longer use your Qwerty keyboard on the Braille Note properly. You have to escape out of Braille Terminal Mode, but then you can’t even control your devices! It’s frigging stupid. I think I may just call Humanware tomorrow and let them know about this issue. Surely there has to be a way where you can type the normal way on the Braille Note while in Braille Terminal Mode, or at least be able to copy stuff across from the Braille Note wordprocessor, to the cchrrent paired iOS device! For example, I want to be able to quickly write in Keyword on my BN, then cut my document, then go into Braille Terminal Mode in order to take control of my phone, then paste said text into my phone’s notes, messages, mail, etc etc. I hope I haven’t confused you all lol. Also if anybody can let me know anything more about all of this and the issues I’ve discussed that would be cool too! In any case, I’ll let you guys know how I go with the call to Humanware. I’ll ring them tomorrow at some point..

I had to copy and paste my blog into the Notes app. My supposed idea about the new line turned out to be a load of shit. Oh damn it!!!!!!!! Oh well, I’more in the Notes app now so at least using both thumb keys on the right of the BN won’t activate the Send button now. I’ll just copy the tex into the message again when I’m ready to sen my post. Easy done! Tomorrow I’ve decided Im taking Troy to the park and haeaving a picnic. That way I can get out of the house and also take my dog with me. I waneated to go to town, but because of Thoy’s retirement, he can no longer come along with me. So I’ll be making some sandwiches and taking it from there. I think I may possibly bring my Braille Note as weblind, I can’t be sure, but I like writing and reading, so it would be very nice to be able to read and/or write while I sit down and let Troy run around. I’ll decide whether the BN comes with me or not by the time I’ve made the sandwiches.

I was interrupted by a phone call. Some I talk to on Facetime and Roger is trying to straighten some life issues out and I’m giving him advice and all that. Apparently this guy’s cousin wants to make sure he sorts everything out in a timely fashion too. Hopefully the guy can get his life in order so his mother won’t keep controlling the situation all the time. I can only assume that he’ll be fine. I’m a bit freaked out about some of the family dramas that he has to deal with, but I’m sure he’s a big boy and he’ll find a way to get away from all the shit and learn how to live his own life. I’ve pretty much helped this person as much as I can so now the ball is in his court. I can just focus on relaxing and falling asleep whenever it happens. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I can’t wait to sit at the park for two hours. I need to get away from home for a while. I may love books and computer games, but sometimes I have to go out!


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