4 September, 2016 19:52

I’ve been stuffing around with my Braille Note. For some reason it lets me type the less-than sign but not the greater-than sign. So basically, whenever I paste links into my blog when I’m using the Braille Note with the phone, I have to use my phone’s numbers and symbols keyboard to type the symbols in properly. Sometimes I’d rather just type blogs using my laptop because it’s quicker and easier, and Safari, as stupid which it is, wen’t let me edit my posts! How crampy. But if I don’t have to edit posts, typing on the phone is just fine. I can either use Braille Screen Input or my Braille Note. I like the Braille Note though because the Bhl display is right there and I can feel what I’m doing and fix mistakes straight away and check my writing as I go. Last night I was quite tired and I accidentally sent my post, so I didn’t bother to edit the post. But tonight I’m ok and I have a lot more control of this machine and am doing not too bad so far! I’ll be back in a minute, I’m
just going to check something in Keyword. I want to try copying and pasting from there to here. But then when I come to think of it, I don’t think this will work! Oh shit. Forget that idea then. Um…… Hmmmmmmm… Let me think…….. The other problem I have is getting onto my blog site directly from my Braille Note’s Internet Explorer. It’s not that good with Internet connections. Damnmnmnmnmnmnmnmn!!!!!! Ok… Well I guess I’ll just have to stick to writing in here for now. I wanted to quickly type normally in Qeyword, then cut and paste it here.


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