My Braille Note

Ok, I couldn’t think of what to write all day. But I have finally worked it out! I’m in my room using my Braille Note to write. I realise I haven’t said much about my Braille Note since getting it at the beginning of this year. I haven’t used the BN much until about three months ago when I finally decided to put my frustrations aside and damn well put my brain into gear and learn how to use it properly. I thought to myself, I got a grant through Vision Australia so I may as well get used to this gadget otherwise it would have been a waste of money. So I started playing around with the Braille Note and now I can’t leave it alone! I’m still trying to get used to some of the features on it, like how to search Safari without having to touch the phone, how to write web addresses without stuffing up the symbols by accident etc. But at least I can read books, write, read web pages, emails and the like. I’m a lot better with my Bation th
an I used to be. I did a lot of searching on the Humanware website, and found a huge amount of info on the Braille Note Apex QT, which I’ve got. I also got a lady from VA to help me out too, blindless her! She appologized profusely when she realised she got some information wrong too, the poor thing. I felt terrible for her! I told her she was a great help, I said I probably should have contacted Humanware ages ago but I wanted to try to figure out as much as possible before ringing them so I didn’t have to ask as many questions. The lady was very understanding! I still haven’t contacted the company. Maybe I will, but me and phone calls don’t mix. It’s not that I absolutely hate phone calls, I will make them, but I try to wait till I’ve exhausted all my options for working something out before ringing people. In any case I can use my Braille Note pretty good now, so I’m not too concerned anymore. I feel that I can use this computer well enough now that I don’t need a lot of conelp at the moment.


I’m writing on my laptop now. I accidentally sent the post when I was in MMS format. Oops! So I’m editting this post now. Anyway, what I was trying to say was, I’m realy happy t be using the Braille Note a lot more. It makes my life a lot easier when I don’t have to listen to a screen reader all the time… I’d rather read everything in Braille, I can detect mistakes quicker that way. But since I accidentally posted my message to the blog, I guess I’ve had to change tactics for now. Next time I’ll be writing in the Notes app in the phone so that way I can’t accidentally send the post, and all I have to do is copy and paste the blog into a text MMS and ost it. Oh well. At least I’m finishing this poost properly. My laptop keyboard really sucks, it keeps fucking mistyping all the time! Anway, since I like the BN so much, I’m eventually trading it off for a Braille Note Touch. That’s a few years down the track though. The other thing I wanted to talk about for a few days now, is the way people interfere with guide dog teams. Now, I have discussed in gory details my issues with the way people treat guide dog teams, just look at all the posts about me and Troy! But on Friday afternoon, I read <a href=””>a post which really topped it off for me.</a> Honestly, the lengths people will go to in order to convince us differently to what we’ve been trained to do, really astonishes me. Oh my God! Actually, the amount of arguments I’ve had with family members, the amount of times I’ve had to express to strangers in a polite manner, that I can only do what my guide dog trainer says to do, etc… etc… etc… really gives me the shivers too. Seriously! All these people who know everything and know nothing! Yet they’ll be the first ones to complain about maltreatment of our dogs, malnutrition, blah blah blah, yet they WILL NOT be told right or wrong, about their own pets! O—–k!!!!!????? What——–ever. There are too many know-alls in this world by the looks of it. And to add, education may be a helpful tool, but it can’t help everybody. As the old saying goes, you can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves. And the other saying: You can’t change anyone except yourself. And what about the other saying? You can’t convince a skeptic with evidence because even though it’s there in front of them, they don’t want to see it. There you have it.


2 Responses to “My Braille Note”

  1. bethfinke Says:

    Congrats on your success with the Braille Note. When I first hear the title of your post, I thought perhaps you’d changed the title to your entire blog. “My Braille Note.” Hey, and thank to the call-out to my Safe & Sound blog, too. I’ve found a publisher for my new book (it will be about the memoir classes I lead for older adults) and they want me to include the “your dog is too skinny” incident in the book now. Stay tuned!,

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    • Michelle Says:

      I definitely will! I was a bit slack with writing and reading other blogs for quite a while there! But I’m glad I’m getting back into the blogging habit again. As for people saying your dog is too skinny, it makes me laugh at how ignorant they are. And yet the same people will insist we lose weight and see a doctor every year and take medical advice lol!!!!!! Go figure.

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