I had a reasonably good day. This afternoon I had a look for a list of websites with details of cockatiel breeders. Me and my support worker will be checking a few places out over the next few months. Hopefully I’ll get a very friendly bird. I also sorted out my GoFundMe page. Have a look on the sidebar for more details. The link is working, I tested it a few times. So now I’m happy! I’ll be putting my feet up for the rest of the night. I’ll be getting some apricot chicken and rice, then I’ll be listening to Roger when I go to bed. I have to say, I feel pretty good! I don’t have to worry about the shopping next week, so that’s a plus. Troy had a good time at the park this afternoon. And I had two chicken sandwiches while I was there. I’m glad I bought the hot chicken now, I really like making sandwiches when I don’t want to put effort into preparing other meals! It’s a quick and easy way to get my fill. Tomorrow and Sunday will be stay at home days for me, nothing else to do so it looks like I’ll be reading books all the time. Oops, I forgot to go to the post office today! Omg I have books that are overdue. Oh, I definitely have to sort this out next week! I’ve set my blog up pretty well for the moment, so I guess all I need to do now is write regularly again like I used to. My Audioboom posts automatically post to Word Press now, but I think writing is good too. So with that said, I reckon I should have a really great weekend, as slack as it will be. So apart from that my life is very boring. There’s really nothing exciting to write about. I guess I could rant about things, but other than that there’s no news. What I will say though, is that I’ve made my decision not to get another guide dog. I just feel that with all the stress you have to go through in order to get a trained dog, it’s not worth it. Guide dogs are wonderful companions, but at the same time I think it’s easier just to get a pet dog. Or in my case, once Troy dies, I’d rather just not get another dog. They’re very expensive to look after, and guide dogs are even more so. Plus you’ve also got to go through the heartache of retiring your guide dog when the time comes as well. I’m just not prepared to go through all of this again. Troy is a wonderful dog and I’ll never forget him and when he’s gone I’ll miss him forever. It’s so easy to get a new dog, but you can never replace Troy.


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