2 September, 2016 10:28

I’m in my room as I write this. I had the best sleep in! I am still yet to get out of bed. My support worker will turn up at one o’clock. So I need to get a feed and do a quick clean-up. Half my time with the support worker is housework, and then I don’t get much time to bloody go out and have fun. So I’ll try to vacuum the floor, I can’t imagine it’ll be very good. I’m hopeless at cleaning let alone vacuuming the floor! I have to take some books to the post office and I’m surprising Troy with a trip to the pet shop! He’ll love it. He hasn’t seen the pet shop lady for ages! I’ll tell my support worker not to let Troy know that anything is happening that involves him. As for me, I’m doing fine. Let’s just say I have to do slow cooker meals a lot more often. I feel sooooooooooooooo awesome when I wake up the next day! I naturally feel really groggy when I first wake up, but when I’m awake, I’m pretty much perfect. After my day is over with, my weekend will be totally boring. I’
m in money-saving mode, so the only time I can actually go out all the way through next week is when I need groceries. By next pension I’m going to be stir-crazy and rearing to get out and splurge! At this shopping centre I go to, they have the best milkshakes! I’m definitely getting a milkshake and a serving of apple pie with cream and ice-cream! And a really really nice coffee to boot. Fun times are rear these days but worth it! I think next time when I go out, I’ll make sure to keep a few dollars aside and buy a coffee along with my groceries so at least I can spend a couple of hours out of the house. We’ll see what happens. I just need to find ways to entertain myself when I’m out without spending a lot of money. Anyway I’ve got to get up… I could write all day but sadly I can’t, so I’ll come back on here again soon. Take care until then!!


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