Fixing my blog site and other stuff

I spent half of the night stuffing around with my blog. I haven’t edited and cleaned the site up for fucking ages, so last night was the go for me. I did a lot more editing today. I think I’m doing pretty good! The only thing I can’t do is change the colours and fonts. I think I’ll get my support worker to do this for me. The domain is a lot different to what it used to be. Now you can just type your URL in and then type a forwad slash with wp-admin. You go straight to your dashboard page! The other way I discovered is to go to the main blog page where all my posts are, scroll to the bottom, and go to the ‘my sites’ link and open it. That way I can pretty much do what I like there. Now that I’m getting used to the layout, it’s not that bad really. I added some widgets, so hopefully anyone can navigate around my blog a lot easier. I only spent nearly twenty-four hours trying to figure it out! Hopefully I can sleep peacefully tonight.

I had a really good day yesterday. I came home from the shopping centre wwith some fruit, and realised I accidentally binned the bananas when I couldn’t find them anywhere this morning. Oh well, I still have watermelon in the fridge. I’m gonna eat a lot of it soon, and the rest of it tomorrow. Today and tomorrow are going to be boring days. Then on Friday my support worker will pick me up. I’ll be doing audio recordings for Audioboom. If you open this page you’ll see my Audioboom profile. From what I recall, you have to log into the site to listen. Otherwise it’s way easier to click on the audio buttons that appear every time I post recordings to Audioboom, because the account is linked to my blog, and to Facebook and Twitter. I always try to record as much of my outings as I can, especially the shopping centre outings. Soon I’ll be doing a recording of me reorganising my pantry. Tomorrow I’m setting up slow cooked apricot chicken casserole, so be ready for that! I’ll be cooking rice tomorrow night to serve with it. Yum. I won’t be buying much food next week, only bread and milk. I’m saving up as much money as possible so I can eventually get a new bird. I’ll be looking for the most friendliest bird I can find. Until then, I’ll be keeing spending to a minimum and entertaining myself at the shops whenever I can for as little cost as possible. I also try to get the specials from Cole’s Online. I’m actually going to organise another grocery order sooner than later so I can make sure I get as many cheap groceries as possible before the specials change again. Then I don’t have to worry about the groceries at all. I can simply wait for them to be delivered. I think I might just set my order up now and come back to my blog later. I shouldn’t be too long

I’m finally back to finish writing. One hour later that is. A lot has happened that’s for sure. First, I packed my pantry away.. Actually, I took everthing out of the cupboards and then repacked it neatly so it would all fit in there. Then as I was doing my recording while I was finishing a Cole’s order, the phone died. I really hope this recording has worked out because if not I’ll be very shitted off! I didn’t spend a lot of time packing my recording with interesting stuff for nothing. After I sorted that crap out, I decided to pack my online trolley with stuff so it can be delivered to me in two weeks and I won’t have to worry about it. All I need to do now is buy a few extra essentials here and there and that’s it. I’m intending to keep a tight budget just so I’ve got money for a rainy day. Plus I want to scour the whole town to find a really really tame and friendly bird.


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