My happy dog takes over my blog once again!

It’s me again! I haven’t written for weeks and weeks and weeks! Mum has been too busy using the computer, so she wouldn’t let me put my dirty paws on it! Grrrrrrrr! Oh well…….. Oh well. Apparently Mum had to sort a lot of things out, a lot of arguments between Mum and a few people happened too, don’t know why, but I’m still here, as happy as can be. I’m snoozing for a while, so Mum is writing for me. I have a lot of lazy days now. I also love roaming around in the park down the road. I haven’t gotten sick for a long time so it’s a bonus for me to be allowed to run around there whenever I like! That is, if my lazy mother would just take me there more often! But I always smell coffee and hear her tapping away at the computer all the time, and I usually hear laughing and murmuring, with the occasional whinging and whining and moaning. Oh well I guess everyone stresses out sometimes. Anyway, Mum is apparently fine, so long as she’s good I’ll be happy! I fail to understand why she got rid of that little budgie. Mum calls it Sunshine. Anyway the bird is gone now. What I really hated was when the bird kept biting me and because Mum didn’t want me to tell her (Sunshine) off, I had to just keep walking away. Sunshine never learned to stop biting. Mum was out forever last Friday. Then she came home talking about a new bird, hopefully it’ll damn well be a friendlier one! I can’t say when this new bird will ever arrive, so I guess there’s no point in speculating about it. At least Sunshine won’t try to bite me anymore, and at least Mum won’t have to put up with being bitten a lot now either. Mum wasn’t very happy or very impressed when she and the support worker took Sunshine out to the car, so I assume that it must have felt like a waste of time trying to get along with her. Hmmmmmmmmm, I can only imagine it being like trying to say hi to another lovely dog when all it wants to do is be horrible to me! Yeah, I’d be disappointed too.

I really, really really really really really……. really really wanna go back to that…… ummmmmmm…….. um, ah, the um…. pet sh… pet shop! That’s it, the pet shop. Where Sa…. Ah what’s her name. Sa…d, um, No. It’s that lady who gave Mum the bird. She and some other people, well, they’re lovely people aren’t they? I really wanted to go and visit everyone at this shop the other day, but she wouldn’t let me go. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh! I’m really good at making people cheer up though! Mum won’t tell me when I can go to the pet shop again, so I have no idea what’s going on there. I wish I knew. I’d jump up and down if I knew she was going there. I bet she’s keeping her ideas from me just so I don’t turn into a loonie. Well, I can’t help it. I mean, what do you expect when I’m soooooooooo happy to be going somewhere Sometimes! I get very nostalgic and wish I could get dressed up again so I can go to work! Oh damn……… Wait, Mum hasn’t got the harness anymore.. Damn it! What I like about my life without having to work though is, Mum doesn’t make me keep thinking about what I’m doing. I can sniff, muck around, lie or sit down whenever I like most of the time, etc. When I had my harness on, I could only do doggy things if Mum said it was ok, and even then I was restricted. No sniffing, only sitting or lying down on command, but Mum spoiled me a little bit anyway so don’t tell anyone! And I had to wait every time before being allowed to cross roads, go forward, etc. Now I just walk next to Mum on the leash, and even if I try to work and all that, Mum keeps saying ‘heel’ and keeps walking. But then I get snacks as well, so I love my life! Oh, and she uses the cane too. Just bloody hurry up already! I can walk way quicker without her using the cane. Oh shit, I need the harness if she’s not using the cane! Oh, and she also holds people’s elbows now. Ooooooooooh I wish I could guide her around! Reality smacks me in the face again. Now I wish I wasn’t retired, but like I said, Mum makes sure I’m spoilt so I really don’t care! Most of the time, that is.


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