My lazy day

I’m writing this blog in the Notes app. I’m still stuffing around with Safari on the blog site to see if I can copy and paste my blog in the box, or maybe I’ll still need to go to the shitty WordPress app and paste it in there. I’ll see what happens. Anyway, I haven’t done much today. I quickly cleaned Sunshine’s cage after securing her in a little pet carrier. That wayou I don’t have to chase her around and stress her out. She’s easier to deal with that way, and she doesn’t bite as much. I can’t stand to interact with her, she’s a hard bird to be friends with. She hates it when I clean her cage while she’s in it, won’t let me take the newspaper out or anything. I I make sure she’s not in the cage every time I service it now. And I’m no longer trying to be friends with her, she doesn’t like people. I don’t consider her to be tame, so as of now I’m treating Sunshine as I’d treat an untamed bird. Hand-reared means jack shit to me. You can’t change the nature of a wild bird. There’s no such thing as a domestic budgie.

I can’t think of much else to say now. I haven’t got the most exciting life at the moment. I have a fucken dumb budgie and that’s it oeally. The lady who hand-raised it is excellent though, she is good with birds. But thereS no way she’ll ever convince me to get any type of parrot again. Parrots are mongrel birds as far as I”m concerned. Anyway, I’ll write more later!


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