Me and Troy didn’t go out. I was meant to get out of the house for a walk, but I ended up reading the manual about my talking GPS, and I got distracted because there was quite a few things I needed to re-familiarise myself with. Now I’m all set to use my GPS all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I’ll be up and Adam and out the door as soon as I’ve set the bird up for the day and eaten. I’ll get Troy ready and we’ll be off. I’ll take my bigger backpack because I can take a water bottle for me and Troy. You never know where our adventures will lead us! Hopefully I won’t get too lost, but at least I can use the map now yea. I’ll be using the GPS next week when the O and M instructor turns up. I’ll be letting her know that a couple of long travel routes are in order for me. I need to be walking around. As for Troy, I need to choose whether I’ll save up for twelve months and pack up and move out so I can get a new service dog and still keep Troy, or if I should ring Guide Dogs and hand Troy back over so they can re-home him for me, which isn’t what I want, or wait for Troy to die naturally in a few years and then get another dog soon after. I think maybe I can just wait… I mean, a lot of people don’t always get another dog before their current dog dies, and this goes for pet dogs too. Occasionally some people can afford a couple of dogs, but in most cases people tend to keep one dog at a time. So I can do the usual thing and wait for Troy to die I suppose. I’ll be totally devvo for months, so caring for a new dog while getting over Troy dying will be difficult, but thousands of people put up with the recent death of pets while taking on new ones every day. So I guess I could compromise. I just don’t want to abandon my dog. He’ll have a great time, but it won’t be the same if I’m not the one to keep his life fun and happy.

Tomorrow I’m activating my card and then I’m going out for three hours. Leaving Troy for a few hours once in a while won’t hurt. I wouldn’t leave him home every day. That’s bullshit. I hope I can find a way to keep him comfortable when I start doing voluntary work. If any shit happens I’m gonna be on the move anyway, so voluntary work will keep me grounded, I’ll have somewhere to go when I need a break from the world. I’ll take a quick trip into VA so I can talk to the receptionist there, and see if there’s any buses that goes out to YAPS and/or RSPCA. I like volunteering at the animal shelters! Then all I need to do is get out to the shelters and try to fit in somewhere. That will be the fun part. I’m sure I can make arrangements for Troy to be looked after for the days I’m doing volunteering. Why the fuck would I need to get rid of him for? I think too many goody-goodies just don’t want me to keep Troy because it’ll be proving my point that I can keep my dog till he dies, and nobody will be able to argue with me anymore. Oh well… Whatever. The other side of the argument is, I could re-home Troy and get a new service dog in a couple of years. That would work, but I’d have to get rid of Troy and whoever takes him would have to let me visit him all the time. I can’t just let Troy go and never see him again. I’m sure this is how puppy raisers feel when they get a puppy and eventually let them go off to training and to be paired up with a VI/blind person. So I’m at the receiving end of a puppy raiser’s worst nightmare, guide dog style! Except that they tolerate having to let dogs go every year, I don’t have to. And I don’t even have to let Troy go. My biggest issue is when I get a new service dog, I’ll still be pissed off about not having Troy with me. I’d honestly find it a lot easier to just get the new dog and then when Troy goes, I’ll already have the new dog to care for. The complication with that is, I need money to care for two dogs. And I’ll have to make sure both of them get exercise. It’s the money I’m more worried about though. So my second easiest option is to just keep Troy till he eventually dies. Then I’ll be so sad and lonely that I’ll wish I had a new dog, so I’ll talk myself into getting a new dog sooner rather than later anyway.

Troy has just woken up from sleep! I’m gonna quickly feed him. Troy is now eating happily. I realised that he hadn’t been fed yet as soon as he woke up because he ran over to me licking his lips and huffing at me as if to say, hey Mum! I’m starving and you didn’t wake me up earlier to feed me! Lol he’s funny. But I guess if you couldn’t get your own food, you’d be like that too haha. Troy will be fine for the night now. I ate curry for dinner. I’m still quite full. I hd a full container of it which was quite a big serving. I’ve got food for tomorrow, and then on Tuesday morning I’m sorting my money out. I have to make sure my fund-raiser has gone through so I can sort out Troy’s vet visit and make sure my rent has all been paid to the real estate. If I’m successful, I’ll be going to the shopping centre for an hour. Then I’ll come home and depending on the weather, Troy will be getting a good long walk. I’ll definitely be charging the GPS up tomorrow night. That way I can use it all of Tuesday. I’m actually going to use the GPS to see if there’s any side streets that would be suitable crossing points so that way, I can catch the bus home instead of a taxi. An indented crossing is where you walk a hundred metres down a side street, cross over, and then walk back up to where the other street is and keep going. For example, let’s pretend we want to cross Mulgrave Road. So we’re walking along, and suddenly we have a street we need to cross in order to keep walking along Mulgrave Road. Well, I can either cross straight over at the risk of getting hit by a car ecausse of how busy the place is. Or I could turn right or left, depending on which side of Mulgrave road I’m on, and walk down the side street until I hear car noises from Mulgrave Road in the far distance, so about two hundred metres down this side street. And if I can hardly hear cars going down the road at the other far end of the side street, that’s great. So I can line up so I’m walking straight across the street, listen until I know I can’t hear cars coming from left or right, and cross over, then turn back to Mulgrave road, and keep walking in the same direction I was going when I came to the point where I needed to cross. So in other words, if you’re walking south, going down a long road on either grass or footpath, it’s busy and you need to cross a side street, you’re going down that side street till you can hardly hear traffic behind you, or at least the noise is quieter. That way you simpl cross the street when you don’t hear cars coming, go back towards the same road you were walking along, turn off the side street, then continue walking south. It’s a fantastic way of avoiding hearing so much traffic that you cross over when you didn’t hear a car turning onto that siide street you intend to cross. So yeah, if I can use my GPS to find a good indented crossing point, I’ll be jumping up and down. If it means walking for three kilometres to find a safe crossing point, then I’ll do so. I’ll look into it tomorrow. Man if I can sort that bit of travel route out, I’ll be taking Troy on very very very long walks so often. When I eventually get a new dog, I’ll be doing all my usual travel routes plus the non-purpose ones e.g walking as far as I can go, to nowhere in particular, then coming back home tired and stuffed.


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